Mission Statement

The Terry B. Rogers College of Education and Social Sciences at West Texas A&M University is a diverse and inclusive student-centered community of learners. The College is dedicated to the development of tomorrow’s leaders through technology-rich, academically rigorous educational programs and empowering co-curricular experiences at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The College is dedicated to the preparation of education and social science professionals who excel academically, are reflective in practice, demonstrate a global perspective, and are committed to ethical behavior. The College serves as a catalyst for the economic development and the enhancement of the quality of life of the region through education, research, and consultation.

The College excels in the preparation of the education workforce through its accredited educator preparation and professional certification programs; the preparation of school psychologists; the preparation of social work professionals through its nationally accredited programs; students for success in graduate programs in psychology and sociology; the direct engagement with the community through its programs in criminal justice and emergency management administration; and the preparation of students to pursue legal studies and careers or graduate studies in political science, public service, and public administration.

Revised March 2015