Degree Requirements (EMA) 2023 - 2024 Catalog Year

Please note that major requirements vary by catalog year. Existing student requirements may not be reflected by this listing. If you have questions, please consult your academic advisor. 

The EMA Degree (BAAS) requires 39 credit hours within a 120-semester-hour degree plan. 

All EMA-designated classes are 3 credit hours. 

Students are also eligible for additional professional development credits ("BAAS block") as determined by the admissions office and program administrators. 

EMA Professional Development Core (24 Credit Hours)

EMA 3310 - Introduction to Emergency Management  
Introduction of the basic principles, stakeholders, research, and practical issues associated with risk, emergency, and incident management. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the key terms, current challenges, and practical solutions.
EMA 4307 - Municipal Government  
EMA 4331 - Administrative Law  
EMA 4348 - Ethics and the Justice and EMA Systems  
EMA 4353 - Public Administration  
EMA 4354 - Public Personnel Administration  
EMA 4355 - Public Financial Administration  
EMA 4356 - Principles of Emergency Management  

EMA Statistics Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

EMA 3312 - Statistics for First Responders  
or Any 3000 - 4000 level statistics course  

EMA Capstone Requirement (3 Credit Hours)

EMA 4350 - Directed Research  

EMA Electives (9 Credit Hours)

EMA 4349 - Emergency Management and Social Vulnerability  
EMA 4351 - Nonprofit Administration and Management  
EMA 4359 - Organizational Theory in the Public Sector  
EMA 4361 - Principles of Leadership  
EMA 4392 - Topics in Public Administration and Emergency Management  
POSC 4096 - Readings (1 - 3 Credit Hours)