About West Texas A&M

About WT
Our students, faculty and alumni are making a difference worldwide through innovation and service. Technologies developed through our research programs are shaping our world, and our education extends far beyond the classroom, engaging industry partners and practitioners to create real-world opportunities for our students.

You will find on our website, and more importantly within the WTAMU family community, a group of people that value above all else the act of teaching on our campus and the impact that education has on the life aspirations of our students. This assurance extends beyond faculty and permeates every aspect of campus life. Our faculty and staff care about students and recognize the opportunities presented to them through their study and engagement.

We all work diligently to reinforce the educational process and make sure that every activity supports excellent teaching.

Coupled with this commitment is a determination to discover, to study, to create and to share insights that inform the learning process. This is why we hold the scholarly and creative achievements of WTAMU and our faculty, students and staff to be invaluable in the learning process.

We serve West Texas and the Panhandle. We call the communities in the top 26 counties of the Panhandle our home. Hard working people who value individual freedom, effort and dedication live here, and those values fill our campus with people who want to see others succeed and who dedicate themselves to this high calling. We do this in our classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums for performances and visual arts, laboratories, our offices and conference rooms, and the arenas of competition where our student athletes compete.

We are a strong community. A family. I know you would love our Buff Spirit and enjoy becoming part of the WTAMU family community.

Thank you for your interest in WTAMU. Please know that we hold it dear, and we will do our best to productively serve you.


Walter V. Wendler

Dr. Walter Wendler, President