WT Graphic Standards

A well-developed identity system defines an organization, describes its culture, differentiates and positions the organization within the context of the competitive marketplace, and ensures that messages sent to and received by appropriate targeted audiences are clear and consistent. West Texas A&M University's graphic standards ensure a consistent and reliable brand image on all communications related to WTAMU.  Fill out the creative request form to request creative services from the Office of Communication and Marketing. All requests will be completed based on University priorities, date of event or scope of project. For a one-page printable version of our branding standards, click here.

Executive Summary

University and University-supported entities must prominently include at least one of the following visual identifiers on their communication materials:

  • Spirit WT logo
  • Horizontal logo
  • Vertical logo
  • College logo
  • Buffalo mark

University and University-supported entities may not create/display logos and/or tag lines that compete with or replace WTAMU approved symbols. These standards apply to all visual representations of WTAMU, including print communications, electronic communications, websites and specialty items.

These visual identifiers must be WTAMU maroon, white, black or gray and must be placed over a background so that they are distinguishable and maintain the integrity of the logo. The choice of visual identifier(s) will be determined by purpose, audience and space availability. Visual identifiers must be displayed prominently and must be presented according to the guidelines outlined in this document and may not be distorted, altered, combined with any other design to create a new logo, replaced by other artwork, defaced or vandalized in any way.

Visual Identifiers

West Texas A&M University

Three variations of the West Texas A&M University logo—(1) Spirit logo, (2) horizontal logo and (3) vertical logo—in order of preference, have been designed and adopted for use on all visual representations of WTAMU, including print communications, advertising, electronic communications, website and specialty items. The choice of logo will be determined by purpose, audience and space availability.

Horizontal Logo

(1) Spirit Logo
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Stacked Logo

(2) Horizontal Logo
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Vertical Logo

(3) Vertical Logo
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Buffalo Mark

The buffalo mark is a supplementary trademarked identifiers for West Texas A&M University. The buffalo mark should never be used in combination with any other image or type to create another logo. It may be primarily used to stand alone on specialty items when space is limited but must never replace the full university logo on official communications.

Unit Logos

West Texas A&M University provides specific logo options for all Office, Department and Colleges. Depending on the length of your Office or Department, you will be provided with a one line or two line logo. These logos may be used in place of the University logo on unit-specific materials; however, the same usage rules apply. Because each logo is different and requires special attention to spacing and other graphic details, contact the Office of Communication and Marketing at (806)-651-2129 before using and to receive your approved Office, Department, or College logo.


Office Example Updated

College Logos

Logos have been developed for all University colleges. These logos may be used in place of the University logo on unit-specific materials, such as a college brochure; however, the same usage rules apply.


wrong logo color usage

College Logos
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Official Seals

The West Texas A&M University seal is the most sacred of all University logos. Its use is restricted to formal applications, such as official documents, diplomas, certificates, flags and ceremonial materials. Reserved for presidential use, the seal should never give the impression it is the seal of any division, department or entity within the University. The WTAMU seal may not be used without express permission from the President’s Office.

The A&M University System seal may not be used without express permission from the Chancellor’s Office. Please note the A&M University System Seal appears in a maroon differing from that of West Texas A&M. For more information, refer to the A&M System style and graphic guidelines at

West Texas A&M University Seal


The Texas A&M University System Seal

A&M University System Seal

Correct Usage

University Logo Use

The University logo must appear prominently on the primary surface (most often the front cover) of all University publications. On publications with more than one printed surface, a logo, wordmark or symbol should also appear on the secondary outside surface. proper logo Use Example

Special Events

University and student group events are exempt from selected portions of the Identity System guidelines. Organizers may use an event-specific theme, slogan or artwork as long as it complements and does not alter, deface, vandalize, etc. existing University visual identifiers. Requests for marketing materials may be made here.

Special Projects


Student Organization T-Shirt Guidelines

For more information, please contact Kelly Polden at ( 806) 651-2125 or

Size and Spacing

Minimum size applications for University logos are 3-inch width for the horizontal logo, 2-inch width for the stacked logo and 3/4-inch height for the Spirit logo. Specialty items are allowed exceptions due to space limitations.

Do not crowd University logos. All symbols should retain a protected area that remains free of distracting type or imagery. An area at least the width of the “x” in “Texas” should be maintained around the WTAMU logos.


Unacceptable Usage

The following examples exhibit prohibited uses of University logos and symbols. For art approval and questions about the use of University identifiers, contact the Office of Communication and Marketing at (806)-651-2129.

DO NOT distort, stretch or in other ways change the proportion of any of the WTAMU logos or symbols.

typeface change example

DO NOT change type or add other type or images to modify or create a new logo. Department and student organization logos may be requested from the Office of Communication and Marketing and must adhere to style guidelines.

typeface change example

DO NOT add styles or effects to University logos or symbols.

Proper Usage-9

DO NOT combined two logos together.

old logo usage example

DO NOT rotate the logo.

rotated logo example

DO NOT crop or in any other way deface the logo.

cropped logo example

DO NOT change of the color of the logo or use more than one color. Approved colors for the WTAMU logos and symbols are maroon, black and white. Maroon takes preference over other colors.

wrong logo color usage

DO NOT place the logo over a busy photograph, background or non contrasting color.

wrong logo color usage

Approved Colors

Pantone Maroons

PANTONE: 7421 Coated |  CMYK: 38, 94, 63, 45  |  RGB: 106, 26, 49

Coated Pantone Color 7421C, C38 M94 Y63 K45. Uncoated Pantone Color 7421U, C8 M89 Y59 K22


PANTONE: 7421 Uncoated |  CMYK: 43, 73, 50, 22  |  RGB: 128, 77, 89 

PANTONE: 7421 Uncoated |  CMYK: 43, 73, 50, 22  |  RGB: 128, 77, 89  |  HEX: #804D59


The primary colors on all University materials (print, web and promotional) should be maroon and white, the official school colors. In printer’s language, the official WTAMU maroon is Pantone Matching System (PMS) 7421 for coated (C) stock or PMS 7421 for uncoated (U) stock. For applications without PMS capability, use CMYK values C: 38, M: 94, Y: 63, K: 45 for coated and C: 43, M: 73, Y: 50, K: 22 for uncoated. Digital and inkjet printers such as Xerox and desktop printers should attempt to match 7421C as close as possible regardless of stock.


10-level grey scale

Color swatches are shown here as examples only. Only professional printers can match PMS colors accurately.

Digital Maroon

For digital use including TV, campus monitors, web usage and other digital media, the WTAMU maroon is represented by hex code #450012. For applications without hex capability, use RGB values 69, 0, 18. For questions about web colors, contact the web director at 806-651-2120. NOTE: This color is currently in transition from former web color #581818.

Web maroon: #581818 and R88 G24 B24


The primary colors on all University materials should be maroon and white, the official school colors. Accent colors as well as black and gray may be used as “attention grabbers” in limited quantities. The University’s website home page illustrates the proper use of maroon, white and accent colors in WTAMU's color palette. For questions about approved colors and their use, contact the Office Communication and Marketing at (806)-651-2129.

Web maroon: #581818 and R88 G24 B24

Other Information

Some suppliers for items such as T-shirts, specialty items and paint may not reference PMS colors. Regardless, colors should match PMS 7421 as closely as possible. The approved thread colors are: Madeira 1385 and RA 2268.

Logo Color

Whenever possible, the University’s logos and symbols should appear in maroon or reversed out of maroon. Logos and symbols may also appear in black or reversed out of black. No symbols or logos, including departmental logos, may appear in any colors other than maroon, white or black.

wrong logo color usage
wrong logo color usage


Preferred Fonts

Font Usage

Preferred fonts for WTAMU materials are the font families Avenir Next and Helvetica Neue. Times Europa LT Std can be used if these fonts are not available. Regardless of font availability, body text should always be neat, readable and never typed in a "fashion font."

wrong logo color usage

Font families shown here are a selection only. Helvetica Neue and Avenir Next contains over 45 different weights and styles that are acceptable for University publications. Download approved fonts here.

Legal Information

Trademark and Licensing

The University’s visual identifiers are registered through the state of Texas and licensed with CLC Licensing Partners.

This trademark licensing creates cooperative working relationships between the University, the manufacturers of approved and authorized products and the retail community. It assures that all merchandise bearing a WTAMU name or visual identifier promotes and protects the image of the University while fulfilling the needs of consumers.

Retail items and promotional materials bearing the WTAMU name or a visual identifier must be purchased through a CLC Licensing vendor. List of CLC Licensed Vendors

NOTE: Many retail outlets are not themselves licensed (and, therefore, will not appear on the approved vendors list) but do place orders with approved licensed manufacturers. The West Texas A&M University Bookstore is one such example.

The University’s trademark licensing program is directed by the Office of Communication and Marketing. To become a CLC licensed vendor, contact our office at (806)-651-2129.

DO NOT use any University logos or symbols without the trademark (TM) marker.

wrong logo color usage

Corporate Sponsor Co-branding Guidelines

West Texas A&M University welcomes corporate partners and encourages use of the WT logo (which is University intellectual property) and the tagline “Corporate Partner” on appropriate signage that highlights only WT and its corporate sponsor. All WT branding must adhere to West Texas A&M University brand and graphic standards. All WT co-branded items produced for sale or giveaway by a corporate partner must use a WT-licensed vendor or register to become a WT-licensed vendor with CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company).

Need Something?

Requesting Marketing Materials

The Office of Communication and Marketing offers marketing assistance to any University department or college free of charge. Requests should be made four to six weeks before marketing materials are needed. Projects time may differ depending on the complexity and volume of materials needed. Materials may include printed items, web promotion, event photography and more. To receive marketing assistance fill out the appropriate creative request form.

University Departments and Colleges:

University Departments and Colleges: Fill out creative request form

Ordering Prints

The University awards exclusive printing rights to companies based on competitive prices, quality and ability to meet the University’s needs. All printed materials from campus entities must be ordered through the University Print Shop. The Print Shop will produce or bid your job out to an approved contracted printer depending on quantity and complexity of the job. For more information on printing, contact the Print Shop at (806)-651-2320 or Print requests may be submitted at

Print Shop Online Order Form example screenshot

Ordering Official Stationery

There's no reason to spend much time on official WTAMU letterhead, envelopes and business cards. These items are based on strict guidelines and must be ordered through the University Print Shop using the form at Please provide Print Shop personnel with your name, title, office/department, University mailing address, phone and fax numbers and email address, and they'll take care of the rest.

BusinessCards LetterheadOptions

Requesting Email Signatures

Consistent email signatures deliver a visually coherent look across university departments and offices. Just as our business cards follow a standardized approach, email signatures should be consistent. Consider your email signature your digital business card, and include the appropriate information. To set up your email signature, fill out a creative request here. For questions regarding your email signature, contact the Office of Communication and Marketing at (806)-651-2922.

Print Shop Online Order Form example screenshot

Digital Wallpapers

We're happy to provide branded digital wallpapers for your computer screen, phone or tablet. Click here to download.


Fill out the creative request form to request creative services from the Office of Communication and Marketing. All requests will be completed based on University priorities, date of event or scope of project.