• Accounts Payable - Fiscal payments of the University, including state and local fund accounts.
  • Bursar/Financial Services - Payment for tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, emergency loans, return checks, and miscellaneous charges; process departmental deposits; and provide change.
  • Grants and Contracts Accounting - Administrative and financial support to principle investigators, project directors and sponsors. Responsible for direct and indirect cost and ensuring compliance with cost sharing, effort reporting and cost allowability.
  • Student Accounting - Student billing, emergency loans, international student tax issues, and delinquent accounts.For New Student Orientation information, please see our New Student Orientation Materials webpage.
  • Travel - Liaison for current faculty, staff, students and prospective employees with regard to travel and travel credit cards. Current employees visit the travel website on WTAccess for forms, online training, and guidance.
  • University Accounting (Ellucian Datatel) - Record keeping with regard to accuracy and integrity of the University books

All students are held to the publish rules and procedures printed in the Student Handbook, specifically item 2, in Students' Responsibilities, "Students have the responsibility to be fully acquainted with the published University rules and procedures and to comply with them and the laws of the land."

The Business Office is also represented by the associate vice president/controller for Business and Finance, who is responsible for the control and safeguarding of University assets. 

Departmental Fiscal Procedure Handbook

Departmental Transmittal Spreadsheet

Departmental Deposit Training Presentation