Business Office Parent and Family Resources

Can family members or a spouse call and get information on student accounts?

Not without a completed FERPA waiver. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act West Texas A&M University is required to protect student's information regardless of relation to caller, as listed on The Office of the Registrar FERPA webpage.

Students may grant the Business Office permission to give information to specific persons by granting parent permission and access on Buff Advisor. Step by step instructions for the Parent Proxy are found on The Office of the Registrar's Services website. All questions pertaining to set up and access should be directed to The Office of the Registrar at 806.651.4911.

For web access to billing, students can add any Authorized User on their Touch-Net screens by entering the individual's email address. The individual will receive an email giving them instructions on how to set up their user name and password. Authorized Users will login directly to the Touch-Net system with their user name and password instead of going through Buff Advisor.


Can anyone pay on a student account?

Yes! In order to make payments on student accounts, Authorized User status must be granted by the student via the TouchNet/pay portal.  Payment can be made online using card or bank information (e-check.) E-checks used for payment to a student's account are the responsibility of the student. If a check is returned, the student will receive an account hold until the check amount and return fee are paid to the Business Office. 

WT does not accept student payments by phone.