Billing Information

All students are held to the publish rules and procedures printed in the Code of Student Life, specifically item 2, in Students' Responsibilities, "Students have the responsibility to be fully acquainted with the published University rules and procedures and to comply with them and the laws of the land." In addition, students who have agreed to the Student Financial Responsibilities agreement on View Account and Make Payments in Buff Advisor will be held to the terms of which they have agreed. This agreement can be accessed by clicking on the Consents and Agreements link on the right side of the screen under My Profile Setup.

Billing statements are not mailed. Students may print an itemized statement for each semester using the View Account and Make Payments link on Buff Advisor.

The first time a student logs into View Account and Make Payments, then clicks the blue link in the YELLOW ALERT BAR near the top of the page, they will see and agree to the Student Financial Responsibility statement. This can be viewed at any time by clicking on the grey Agreements tab.

Tuition, fee, room and meal charges are to be paid in full by the published registration term due date.  A deferred payment plan is available for the fall and spring semesters and must be submitted when the term charges are not paid in full.

Billing FAQ

Where can I find an estimation on the cost of attendance?  
Will you mail a bill to my home address?  
What charges/fees appear on my University balance? Do I have to pay them?  
Why do I owe a balance after I paid my account in full?  
What if I do not pay all of my balance due by the First Due Date for Fall and Spring?  
What is a repeat course tuition and how much is it?  
What is a 30/45-hour rule?