Important Payment Deadlines

Summer 1 2023

May 30
Accounts paid in full if registered by May 28

June 12
All accounts paid in full

Summer 2 2023

July 5
Accounts paid in full if registered by July 2

July 18
All accounts paid in full

Fall 2023

August 15
Accounts paid in full OR student signed up on payment plan if registered by August 13

September 8
Accounts paid in full OR student signed up for a payment plan with the first payment made.


Please have a backup method of payment if your financial aid will not be disbursed and posted to your student account on or before the due dates. If you are anticipating Financial Aid or Scholarships, please check your student account periodically to verify all necessary documents have been completed. Missing documents can prevent disbursement of funds.


We have three available payment options for Fall 2023:

  • Pay the account in full by the published due dates above
  • 4-Month Payment Plan (see below)
  • 5-Month Payment Plan (see below)


4-Month Payment Plan

5-Month Payment Plan

1st Payment: September 1st

1st Payment: August 1st

2nd Payment: October 1st

2nd Payment: September 1st

3rd Payment: November 1st

3rd Payment: October 1st

FINAL PAYMENT: December 1st

4th Payment: November 1st


FINAL PAYMENT: December 1st


  • You can only sign up for the 5-month payment plan until August 1.  After that date, only the 4-month payment plan will be available.
  • If there is a remaining unpaid balance after December 1, a restrictive hold will be placed on the account preventing registration for future semesters.

More Information About Payment Deadlines

Payment deadlines for each semester are published on the current Academic Calendar.  There is some general information that ALL students should be aware of in order to make sure they are prepared to make payments in order to prevent their class schedule from being dropped.

The State allows the University to set payment deadlines for all applicable charges each term.  A list of all tuition & fees with a short explanation of each can be found on the Tuition & Fees page.

WT offers payment plans Fall and Spring semesters only.  Intersession and Summer terms do not include that option and all charges must be paid in full by the published payment deadline for each one.

Deadlines cannot be extended; however, WT does offer Emergency Loans to help hold schedules for students whose financial aid will not be posted prior to the payment deadline or who need a short extension of time to make that first payment. 

Students who fail to make the required minimum required payment of registration charges by the published payment deadline will be deleted from their classes and given one opportunity to re-register for the semester (this does not guarantee that the student will be able to put together the same schedule they had before deletion.)  A reinstatement fee of $100 will be added to the student's account prior to re-registration. Reinstatement fees, accrued housing, meal plan, New Student Orientation, and Buff Branding fees will not be refunded if the student is unable to re-enroll for the semester. If a student decides that they do not want to attend WTAMU for a semester that they have registered for, they MUST file a withdrawal with the Office of the Registrar; the student will be held to the balance due as set forth by the State of Texas withdrawal rates found on the Tuition and Fee Refund Policy page.

Payments must be made no later than the published payment deadline and must be completed and confirmed prior to the start of the next day.  Technical or procedural difficulties encountered after end of business at 5pm the day of the payment deadline are not sufficient to negate late fees or other penalties for late payment. Payments by mail received after the payment deadline will not be backdated to avoid late fees or other penalties.

Please note: accounts not paid in full by the final payment deadline each semester may be subject to collection proceedings which could negatively impact the student's credit report in addition to possible financial liens and holds via the State of Texas payment system.  This could prevent the student from receiving any state funds, including payroll from any state agency, until all past due indebtedness has been repaid in full.  Accounts turned over for collections have an 18-22% additional cost on top of the past due amount added by the collecting agency.

Itemized billing information is available on the web by logging into the Buff Portal > Buff Advisor > Student Finance > Account Activity > View Statement