Pre-University Program (PUP)

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Pre-University Program

About PUP

West Texas A&M University offers high school students opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school through the Pre-University Program (PUP). The purpose of PUP is to provide excellent campus and online-based higher education experiences for high school students who intend to pursue a university level degree. The best part is that courses taken through PUP are offered at a reduced flat-rate cost of $150/course.

Students in the PUP are enrolled in the same courses as WT freshman and sophomore students, taught by WT faculty, with the rigor expected of all WT instruction. PUP students may attend courses on campus or take online courses. West Texas A&M University is recognized as first in Texas and among the top in the country for the quality of its undergraduate online programs.

PUP students earning at least 6 credit hours of WTAMU credit with a 2.0 or higher GPA prior to high school graduation will be granted admission to West Texas A&M University. The admission application fee will also be waived. Some additional documentation will be required prior to post-high school enrollment.


PUP Track Options

Student Expectations and Services

Students enrolled in the Pre-University Program:

  • Can enroll in up to two (2) courses each fall, spring, or summer term.  Enrollment in more than 2 course will require approval of the Provost.
  • Will receive academic advising for course registration through Advising Services
  • Are not eligible for financial aid while enrolled in the Pre-University Program
  • Must be under 18 at the time of registration to qualify for PUP tuition rate
  • Are limited to WTAMU core or foreign language courses, unless permission is granted by the Provost
  • Are expected to follow University rules and regulations
  • Are classified as students not seeking degrees (undeclared majors) until 15 semester credit hours (SCH) are completed. Students will then be required to have an official degree plan on file at WTAMU.
  • Will receive academic advising for course registration at Advising Services.

High School designees should verify that a student who participates in a college curriculum would not be disqualified from a desired University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition.

*Please Note: Texas Senate Bill 31 limits all Dual Credit classes to an institution's core and foreign language classes. Classes outside of WTAMU approved core and foreign language may not be eligible for PUP and the $150/class rate. See SB 31 

Who is eligible? 

Students must meet the following criteria

Resources for PUP Students


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