UIL General Information


2021 UIL Region 1-AA Spring Meet

Greetings regional competitors and coaches,

WTAMU is excited to welcome you to our campus.  Here are some tips to help you with your day.

  1. Please be aware that we still have a mask policy in place.  You are required to wear your mask at all times unless you are competing in a speech round and then you make take it off when you speak.
  2. There are seating areas in the buildings on campus.  Students are welcome to use them but ,  please wear your masks.  There are also areas outside in case the weather is nice.
  3. Information center is in the Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex (FAC) room 195. Verification will also be in the same building. Medals and tests can be picked up from there. No tests or medals will be mailed.
  4. All students finishing 1 st place in any individual test/speech contest will receive a $1,000.00 scholarship to the University. This will be good for the fall of 2021.  Please stop by FAC 195 and give us your information.
  5. Journalism events and Ready Writing will be located in the Hastings Electronic Learning Center (HELC). Room 9.  Students are not required to bring computers or printers they are provided.
  6. Speech events will be headquartered in the Classroom Center (CC) 427. Postings will be on the 4 th
  7. Box lunches are available for coaches and judges in the FAC 195.
  8. Tests may be viewed in FAC 127 as soon as they have been graded.
  9. WT students have put together some games and scavenger hunts, please feel free to participate. I think they have prizes for winners.
  10. Do not park busses on the FAC parking lot. Bus parking is at the First United Bank Center parking lot.  Students and sponsors can ride the shuttle.
  11. We have opened our food area (JBK Student Center food court) to accept cash for this event.

You can find information for specific events here.

Campus Building Codes

HELC Hastings Electronic learning Center
CC Classroom Center
FAC Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex