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President Walter V. Wendler’s e-books are a vital part of his outreach to current and future students. The books, which collect some of Wendler’s most impactful essays, detail what students should look for in a college, offer insights on community colleges and impart lessons on fiscal responsibility. More essays may be found at

WT President Walter V. Wendler

Community Colleges: West Texas A&M University’s Partners for the Future

Introduction of WT Community College Scholars Program

Overview: West Texas A&M University President, Dr. Walter V. Wendler
Foreword: The Texas A&M University System Chancellor, John Sharp
Preface: West Texas A&M University Vice President of Strategic Relations, Dr. Brad Johnson

President Wendler argues for more students to consider beginning their journey in higher education at community colleges before moving to the university level as a way to lower costs and reduce debt.

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Considering College

Reflections from West Texas A&M University President Walter V. Wendler with a Foreword by John Sharp, The Texas A&M University System Chancellor

President Wendler believes in direct outreach to potential students and has spent hours on the road personally visiting 132 schools in and around the Texas Panhandle and the South Plains. Through these visits, he has learned how vital schools are to their communities and how the values taught there produce aspirational, hard-working and determined students.

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Intercollegiate Athletics

Walter V. Wendler, WT President
Michael McBroom, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

President Wendler and Michael McBroom offer insight into intercollegiate athletics. Student-athletes make up an essential portion of university enrollment, but they are students first. Universities that provide high-quality academic and athletic experiences are effective institutions that serve students, parents, alumni and the community.

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Philanthropy in Higher Education

Walter V. Wendler, WT President
Todd W. Rasberry, Ph.D., Vice President for Philanthropy and External Relations and Executive Director of the WTAMU Foundation

President Wendler and Dr. Todd Rasberry detail the history, current landscape and future of philanthropy in higher education. Philanthropic work is shown in the form of the dollar amount, time donated and support given.

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Student Debt

Walter V. Wendler, WT President

President Wendler offers clearheaded, direct advice to students about how to avoid college indebtedness. He argues that too many people borrow too much money for too little in return. Avoid anxiety and preserve your credit by seriously contemplating personal responsibility and growth and planning for a debt-free future.

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Student Life

Walter V. Wendler, WT President
Mike Knox, Vice President for Student Enrollment, Engagement and Success

President Wendler and Mike Knox discuss the importance of getting involved on campus. Student involvement leads to developing leadership, professional, and communication skills.

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