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Badge-OnlinePrograms-Bachelors-2021 Badge-OnlinePrograms-Veterans-Bachelors-2021 cj-security-degree-badge Are you looking to serve justice and better your community? For stable employment with great benefits and retirement? A degree in Criminal Justice is the first step to attaining your goal. The Criminal Justice Program at West Texas A&M University offers a number of courses online, and the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration degree can be completed entirely online.

The Criminal Justice Program strives to produce graduates who understand crime and criminal justice policy, law, and the science of Criminal Justice while learning to embody the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards in both their academic work and chosen profession.

Students are given the opportunity to become great candidates to enter the field or promote in their profession.


Many graduates from our program who have pursued the Criminal Justice Administration degree have never set foot on campus at WT, at least until graduation. The majority of our online courses are fairly self-paced and can be completed at non-traditional times convenient to you.

We also offer a policing and corrections track in Criminal Justice with a blend of on-campus and online courses, so if you are looking for a more traditional college experience, we offer that as well. A 2018 survey of online students found that most students selected this program because of the affordability, flexibility, and the opportunity to obtain a degree from the A&M System.


Nothing should stand in the way of you and your degree in criminal justice. This includes the financial cost. In 2020, we ranked No. 10 in the nation by Value Colleges for most affordable online Criminal Justice Degree among regionally accredited programs with an established reputation for quality and return on investment. We ranked No. 2 by College Choice for Most Affordable Online Degree. We also ranked in the Top 35 criminal justice online degrees by Affordable Schools in 2019. When asked why most of our students chose our program, affordability is always the number one reason.


The Criminal Justice Program ranked in the Top 10 Programs based on quality and affordability by in 2021.

The Criminal Justice Online Degree was named one of the Best Online Programs by the U.S. News and World Report in 2021.

The Criminal Justice Online Degree was named one of the Best Online Programs by the U.S. News and World Report for Veterans in 2021.

The Criminal Justice Online Corrections Degree was ranked No. 2 in the nation by Best Colleges in 2020.

The Criminal Justice Online Degree was named one of the Best Online Programs by the U.S. News and World Report in 2018.

Career Opportunities

Promote to administration within your field and enter other leadership positions

Enter your career at a higher wage scale and higher earning potential 

Preparation for Law School and obtaining a JD

Preparation for a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice or other graduate-level social science degrees

Employment with many different Social Service agencies  

Court Investigator

Crime Scene Technician  

Probation or Parole Officer

Correctional Officer

Private Security

Fish and Game Warden

Federal Law enforcement

Local, County, or State Police

Plan of Study

Criminal Justice - Administration (B.A.)Curriculum Guide
Criminal Justice - Administration (B.S.)Curriculum Guide
Criminal Justice - Corrections (B.A.)Curriculum Guide
Criminal Justice - Corrections (B.S.)Curriculum Guide
Criminal Justice - Policing (B.A.)Curriculum Guide
Criminal Justice - Policing (B.S.)Curriculum Guide
   - Criminal Justice Minor

You may choose between a Bachelor of Science  that includes additional math or science classes or a Bachelor of Arts that includes foreign language and art requirements.

Learning Possibilities

What constitutional rights do citizens in the United States have?

How does a police officer legally search a home or vehicle?

What is probable cause to arrest or search someone?

What is reasonable suspicion in order to stop or frisk someone?

When do officers have to give someone the Miranda warning?

Why do some officers engage in misconduct?

How should the United States approach reforming policing?

How does an officer investigate and process a crime scene?

What is the study of Criminology?

Why do some people commit crime?

Is the crime rate increasing or decreasing in the United States?

How do we rehabilitate and reform offenders?

Why is the incarceration rate so high in the United States?

What are prisons like in the United States?

Why do so many people recidivate or return to prison once released?

What part do probation and parole play in the Criminal Justice System?

Internship Opportunities

All criminal justice majors at WTAMU have the option to complete the Capstone Internship course, CRIJ 4098-06. To qualify for the Capstone Internship, the student must have completed 90 hours of undergraduate work. Students will work with the Internship Coordinator to find an internship that fits their interests and needs. The Internship is an excellent way for students to get experience and hands-on application in the field. Additionally, it is an excellent way to make contacts, connections, and we have a high rate of students obtaining employment with their internship agency!



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