Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice

Faculty Contact Information

Name Title  Office  Office Phone E-mail 
Dr. Reed Welch Department Head 414B OM 806-651-2433
Dr. Brandon Bang Criminal Justice Program Director 408B OM 806-651-2595
Dr. Justin Moeller Political Science Program Director 406A OM 806-651-2432
Jeanette Bissoni Instructor Criminal Justice 424B OM 806-651-3620
Dr. Piper Biery Assistant Professor Political Science 406B OM 806-651-2515
Dr. Kal Demerew Assistant Professor Political Science 423   OM 806-651-2518
Melissa Henderson Instructor Political Science /EMA 418D OM 806-651-2428
Dawn Jordan Instructor Criminal Justice  408A OM 806-651-2435
Dr. Sohee Kim Assistant Professor Criminal Justice 408D OM 806-651-2421
Dr. Darrell Lovell Assistant Professor Political Science 404A OM 806-651-2588
Dr. Justin Moeller Associate Professor Political Science 406A OM 806-651-2432
Dr. Dave Rausch Professor Political Science 404C OM 806-651-2323
Dr. Ming Xie Assistant Professor EMA 405A OM 806-651-2564

Administrative Support Contact Information

Name Title  Office  Office Phone E-mail 
Landon Proffitt Administrative Associate 416 806-651-2909

Old Main Room 414 | 806-651-2909