Tuition and Fee Waiver Information


Firefighters who are employed or volunteer with a political subdivision of the State of Texas qualify for a tuition waiver for all courses as outlined by Texas Education Code 54.353. The tuition waiver program is the state legislature’s effort to guarantee a well-educated, well-informed emergency management workforce throughout the state. The Texas State Legislature created a program whereby firefighters may apply for a tuition waiver if these persons are majoring in an emergency management administration degree program. This tuition waiver applies to any firefighter who meets the program requirements for a volunteer firefighter or works for a fire department, public safety agency, or other emergency response organizations and does so within a political subdivision in the state of Texas. To read this legislation, please go to the link below:

Information about the state tuition waiver program.

The Texas Attorney General’s (AG) Office has ruled in favor of the Texas State Legislature’s creation of the EMA tuition waiver for Texas citizens enrolled at community colleges and universities that offer fire science, emergency management, emergency management administration, and public administration programs. To read the Attorney General’s ruling, please go to the link provided at the AG's office.

Steps and Qualifications

  1. 1. To receive the Tuition waiver, the applicant must be certified as a Firefighter by a responsible official in the department/agency in which he/she serves.
  2. It is suggested to have the tuition waiver mailed in March for the Fall and in November for the Spring for timely approval. 
  3. Eligibility for tuition waiver will be certified by the EMA Program Coordinator or Department Head of Political Science & Criminal Justice.
  4. Tuition waivers, when approved, will be transmitted to the Registrar's Office for processing.
  5. Approved applicants are responsible for paying university fees, which are not covered by the tuition waiver.
  6. Please DO NOT submit the waiver form prior to new student orientation and greenlighting appointment with Mr. Michael Crippen (Academic Advisor, 806-651-5305, 
  7. After establishing the degree plan, please download the waiver form, print out the form using department letterhead, and then submit it to Please make sure the form you submit is legible and clear. 

EMA Program Firefighter Tuition Waiver Form

The Firefighter Tuition Waiver form should be copied and completed on the student’s Department letterhead, signed by the student’s supervisor or an official from the agency’s human resource office, and Mailed to the following address:

Dr. Justin Moeller
Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice
West Texas A&M University
WTAMU Box 60807
Canyon, TX 79016

The waiver can also be submitted via e-mail (Preferred) to

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Student Accounts and Waivers/Benefits

Once your letter or the tuition waiver form has been received and approved by EMA officials, the Registrar’s Office will notify the Business Office. The waiver will then be applied to your account. 

In the event of issues or questions relating to the application of waivers/benefits, students should contact the WT Business Office

WT Faculty do not have access to your financial records or WT billing systems.