Cost and Financial Support

Program Cost

As a regional and rural institution, WTAMU is committed to offering an affordable graduate experience. Students can find information on Graduate tuition and fees here.


Program scholarships up to $2,000 are available for incoming and current students on a competitive basis. 

University scholarships are available based on need and fit. A list of scholarship opportunities is located on the WT Scholarships page.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to support those students who would not be able to attend WTAMU without assistance. The primary source of this assistance is financial aid, managed by the WTAMU Financial Aid office. Students seeking financial aid must file a FAFSA application and work with the WTAMU financial aid office. A FAQ page regarding graduate financial aid can be found on the Graduate school page.
Paying for Graduate School
We remain committed to the academic and health needs of our students. Thus, we have highlighted several options to assist you in your journey to academic success: