Scholarships for Graduate Students

Students pursuing a graduate degree are welcome to apply for scholarships at West Texas A&M University through the Graduate School. You must have a Buffalo Gold Card number in order to submit the scholarship application (if you are a new applicant to WT, this number will be provided once your application is processed by the Graduate School office).

Applying for Scholarships

Scholarship Deadlines and Requirements  

The priority date for all University scholarships is Feb. 1 for the next academic year, for full consideration of awards. You will be notified if supplemental information is required to apply for specific scholarships. Awards will be made based on the availability of funds.

To be considered for a scholarship award through the Graduate School, students must:

  •        Complete the general scholarship application
  •        Be in a graduate degree-seeking program
  •        Be registered for a minimum of six (6) graduate hours in the upcoming semester towards your degree
  •        Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in graduate coursework  

Graduate students are also highly encouraged to submit the FAFSA, since the majority of our funds are need-based.

The Graduate School only has eligible scholarship funds for graduate degree-seeking students at this time and will not be able to award second bachelor or non-degree seeking students. However, we still encourage you to submit the general scholarship application for potential consideration by other offices.

Summer 2024  
Fall 2024  
Spring 2025  

Scholarships FAQ

How do I apply for a Graduate School scholarship?

Submit the general scholarship application, your FAFSA, and register for at least six graduate credit hours towards your degree for the upcoming semester. This does not guarantee scholarship eligibility, but puts you in the best position for consideration from our office.

Can I apply for other scholarships outside of the Graduate School?

Yes. Submission of the general scholarship application allows you to be reviewed for multiple opportunities across campus. Some donor scholarships might have additional requirements. For more information, visit our Scholarship Manager. (You must have a Buffalo Gold Card number in order to access the Scholarship Manager. If you are a new applicant to WT, this number will be provided once your application is processed by the Graduate School office). How will I know if I’m awarded a Graduate School scholarship?

If selected for a Graduate School scholarship, you will receive an award letter to your WT email account with that information. You must accept the scholarship terms and send back the signed award letter by the deadline indicated on the letter. You will NOT be awarded a scholarship unless you return all required documents by the indicated deadline.

When does the award period start for Graduate School scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded at different times depending on their requirements. Since Graduate School requires at least six hours of graduate registration to be considered, we will start awarding for the upcoming semester after the registration period begins. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for registration dates. There is not a set deadline for scholarships. Awarding will continue as funds are available up to the start of the semester.

Do I have to do anything different to be considered for summer scholarships?

Since summer is not a required registration term, an additional form is required to be considered for summer scholarships in addition to the original requirements. The form will be available on April 1st of each year on the Graduate School scholarships page for the upcoming summer semesters.

What happens if I receive a Graduate School scholarship and then withdraw or drop below six hours of registration?

Students who do not meet the terms of their scholarships by the 12th class day will have the scholarship revoked. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for registration dates. Students are responsible for any remaining balance if a scholarship is removed from the account. Contact the Business Office for more information on billing in the event of a withdrawal or course changes.

How do I know if I’ve submitted the general scholarship application?

When you log on to the general scholarship application, you can see Applicant – My Applications on the main page. You can then see any applications you’ve started or submitted on that page. If your application was successfully submitted, it will say “Submitted” along with the date under the “Current Status” field next to that application. You can also click on the “Review Your Answers” button to make sure you submitted your student type as “Graduate” on Page 2 of the application.