Graduate School Scholarships

Students pursuing a graduate degree are welcome to apply for scholarships at West Texas A&M University through the Graduate School. You must have a Buffalo Gold Card number in order to submit the scholarship application (if you are a new applicant to WT, this number will be provided once your application is processed by the Graduate School office).

Applying for Scholarships

Scholarship Deadlines and Requirements  

The priority date for all University scholarships is Feb. 1 for the next academic year, for full consideration of awards across the University. You will be notified if supplemental information is required to apply for specific scholarships. Awards will be made based on the availability of funds.

To be considered for a scholarship award through the Graduate School, students must:

  •        Complete the general scholarship application
  •        Be in a graduate degree-seeking program
  •        Be registered for a minimum of six (6) hours in the upcoming semester
  •        Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in graduate coursework  

Graduate students are also highly encouraged to submit the FAFSA, since the majority of our funds are need-based.

The Graduate School only has eligible scholarship funds for graduate degree-seeking students at this time and will not be able to award second bachelor or non-degree seeking students. However, we still encourage you to submit the general scholarship application for potential consideration by other offices.

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