WT Alumni Scholars - Graduate School
Graduate Education

As WT Alumni, we want to empower you to identify scholars for the Graduate School at WT. These students you recommend will have their application fee for Graduate School waived and will receive additional assistance through the admissions process.


WT Alumni Scholars - Graduate School

The WT Alumni Scholars (WTAS) program will now include Graduate School. WT alumni, like yourself, may recommend up to five potential WT students for Graduate School consideration.

Benefits of a Graduate Education

We recognize that many individuals with the aptitude for advanced study at the graduate level may often go overlooked for a variety of reasons. Many people may have completed their undergraduate degree in a time when access, flexibility, and convenience of programs was not as robust as it is today. Additionally, after completing their undergraduate degrees, many people focus time and attention on job, family, and or other duties, and may not ever take time to step back and realize the impact graduate education can potentially make in their lives. Whether that impact is to gain advanced knowledge, increase marketable skills for career advancement, build confidence, develop competencies or learn something completely new to change the world around them, advanced education provides a unique venue for personal growth and opportunity. Sometimes, these individuals just need to know graduate education opportunities exist, and that they possess the qualities needed to attain an advanced degree. We acknowledge that those who know these students and are willing to vouch for their drive to succeed is a reliable and trustworthy indicator of potential, which we value. We are excited to partner with WT alumni through the WTAS program to identify and serve students of the great state of Texas and beyond.

The WTAS program is in alignment with the University’s long-range plan, WT 125: From the Panhandle to the World Maxim Four—Focus Graduate Academics on Regional Opportunities, and the University’s Alumni Association’s mission, to foster pride in the University, build and enrich relationships, and create opportunities for lifelong engagement among the University, alumni, and community. As WT Alumni, we want to empower you to identify scholars for the WTAS program, those who may benefit from the recognition of someone they know and trust, who need encouragement down the path of graduate education. To that end, in essence, you become admissions officers for five potential WT students annually. Your choices can change the trajectory of people’s lives, impacting entire families and the generations to follow.

It's Important to Know:

While some exclusions may apply on the basis of certain graduate program requirements and admission decisions are made by the specific colleges, the following benefits are worth noting:

  • Application Fee Waiver
    • The application fee will only be waived if the fee has not been paid. Refunds will not be issued.
  • Scholarship Consideration

Please Note: Alumni may not nominate themselves for the WTAS program.

To recommend students for admission to the Graduate School at WT, please complete the WT Alumni Scholars - Graduate Student Form.We will contact each person you recommend as a potential WT student and let them know of your confidence in them and our confidence in you. Once we have received your list of potential WT students, we will help each student through the remaining processes.

For the fall 2024 class, we would encourage you to submit your list as soon as possible and no later than May 1, 2024.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Graduate School at 806-651-2730 or