Thesis and Non-Thesis Options

Thesis Option

  • A student electing to write a master’s thesis must register for Thesis 6301 or ARTS 7302 when beginning thesis research. The student must then register for Thesis 6302 or ARTS 7302 every consecutive 16-week semester until the thesis is completed and accepted by the University, including the semester in which the degree is conferred.
  • If the student fails to enroll, a reinstatement fee will be assessed.
  • If a degree is to be awarded at the end of summer sessions, the student must enroll in a thesis course in one summer session.
  • Students receive a grade of “IP” (thesis in progress) for each enrollment in Thesis 6301, 6302 or ARTS 7302. When the thesis has been accepted, the student receives six hours (Thesis 6301 and 6302) toward the master’s degree and a final letter grade for both thesis courses.
  • The student may not enroll in Thesis 6301 and 6302 in the same semester.
  • Students registered only in Thesis 6301, 6302 or ARTS 7302 pay reduced tuition and may register at the website (6302 only). To receive reduced tuition, students must contact the Graduate School in advance.
  • Please review the thesis guide.

Non-Thesis Option

  • Students selecting the non-thesis option must complete at least one course in research and reporting as suggested by the departmental adviser.