Graduation FAQs

Do I have to apply for graduation?  
How do I apply for graduation?  
How do I know my graduation term?  
I plan to graduate in August, but there is no commencement ceremony. What are my options?  
I missed the graduation application deadline – what can I do?  
Is there a fee to apply for graduation?  
Once I apply for graduation, how long will it take to receive more information?  
When and where is the ceremony?  
What airport should I use if I am traveling from out of town?  
What are the closest lodging options if I need to stay overnight?  
How early should I arrive for the commencement ceremony?  
How long is the ceremony?  
What should I do with my personal belongings?  
Do I have to pay for parking?  
Are tickets required for the commencement ceremony?  
Is there a live stream of the ceremony?  
Are there ADA accommodations at the venue?  
Is there an official photographer for the ceremony?  
I am a graduate student - what hood color and regalia should I order?  
If I walked in the ceremony, does that mean I've graduated?  
I applied for graduation but will not graduate. Can I still walk? Do I have to reapply?  
When will my degree be notated on my transcript?  
When will I receive my diploma?  
Where will you mail my diploma?