Professional Skills Development Workshops


The West Texas A&M University Graduate School hosts a monthly workshop series that focuses on professional skills development. Presented by WTAMU faculty, staff, and alumni, these workshops are open to currently enrolled doctoral and graduate students at WTAMU.

Workshops will be posted online for distance learning students after the event. Please note that there is a delay in posting videos online.

Interested in seeing a workshop that hasn't been offered? Contact the Graduate School with your suggestion.

Upcoming Workshops:

"Resume Development Workshop"
March 12, 2021, 12:15-1:15 pm
Presented by: Dillon Gage, Senior Administrative Associate
Presentation to commence live via Zoom meeting.

As you begin the process of writing your resume or editing your existing resume, it is important to note that your resume is really a marketing piece, an advertisement, for your unique set of skills, abilities and experience. It is a tool that you use to gain an interview. Employers today want to know “What can you do for me?” …It is up to you to do the research and discover what employers in your field seek in a prospective employee. A resume today is no longer a "historical" document detailing just the who/what/when/where, it is now a fluid and changing document which must be personalized and targeted to be effective. This workshop will give you all the tools to begin (or continue) developing an effective resume to use in your job search. After attending the workshop, if you are a current student or alumnus of West Texas A&M University you are encouraged to have a one-on-one review with one of our staff.

"Research Compliance and You"
April 8, 2021, 12:15-1:15 pm
Presented by: Tara Cash, AR-EHS Coordinator
Presentation to commence live via Zoom meeting.

Students and faculty are invited to this overview of research compliance and how it affects you, the researcher. Key topics reviewed will include human, animal, and biohazard research compliance.

Past Workshops:

"Surviving Your Thesis"

"Research Compliance and You"

"LinkedIN and the Job Search"

"Natural Born Researcher"

"Surviving Your Thesis"

  • Presenter: Dr. Rex Pjesky, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Economics
    Full Video Presentation

"Writing Your Thesis: Formatting Tips"

  • Presenter: Daniel Klaehn, Director of the University Writing Center and Instructor of Rhetoric, Composition, and Technical Communication

"Research Compliance and You"

"Recognizing Opportunities, Setting Expectations, and Providing Constructive Feedback"

  • Presenter: Dr. Bryan Vizzini, Professor of History

"LinkedIn and The Job Search"

"How to Survive Your Thesis"

  • Presenter: Dr. Rex Pjesky, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Research

"Poster Presentations"

  • Presenter: Dr. Allison Berry, Assistant Professor of Business Communication & Management and Assistant Director of Continuous Improvement
    Full Video Presentation

"Graduate Student Research Grant Workshop"