Programs that do not Require the GRE or GMAT

Because each of our programs has its own admissions requirements, some do not require you to take the GRE or the GMAT. Below is a list of those programs and a link to each website.

Certification Programs

Requirements for licensure and/or certification vary from state to state. Our programs prepare students for licensure and/or certification in the State of Texas. We do not represent that our programs prepare students for licensure and/or certification in other states.

Certification-Only Programs

Principal or Superintendent Certification: If you already have a master's in education, you can work on principalship coursework without pursuing another master's degree. If you have a master's in education degree and your principal's certification, you can take coursework for the superintendent's certificate. For more information about either of these programs, please contact Dr. Gary Bigham at or 806-651-3622.

This is not a one-size-fits-all world, and we do not believe that one set of admissions criteria is appropriate for all graduate programs; therefore, each of WTAMU's graduate programs has its own specific admissions requirements, determined by the program advisor.

We also know that some students have goals which cannot be met by a traditional graduate program. For those students, an Master of Arts or Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies may be the perfect fit.