School of Music

Major in Performance (Major Code: 5202)

Performance Planning Sheet

Music Core Requirements

  • MUAP 60XX (three semester hours each of four long semesters).
  • MUSI 6203.

Required Courses for Emphasis

  • MUSI 6205, 6241, 6312 (six hours), 6281 (four hours).
  • Two semester hours from MUSI 5211, 5212, 5252, 6221.
  • Two semester hours graduate-level music electives to equal 32 semester hours.

Other Requirements

Each semester the music major is enrolled in nine semester hours or more (four semester hours in a summer session), the student must enroll in a major ensemble.

Comprehensive Examination

Candidates will be required to pass oral examinations over literature in their recital and major field of study.

Harrington Certificate in String Quartet

Performance (Major Code 5299)

Additional General Requirements

Each individual is expected to meet (or exceed) the performance standard expected for the WTAMU master of music degree and show a level of performance accomplishment that would lead to a professional performing career.

Course Requirements

  • Four semesters of applied strings (quartet lessons); four semesters of applied music (major instrument); four semesters of university orchestra.
  • Four enrollments (one per semester) of music electives to be chosen from MUSI 6312, 6281, 5211, 6095, 6092.

Other Requirements

Two complete string quartet recitals are required (three or four are encouraged). It is expected that the last of these would be given near the end of the second year of study and be regarded as the "capstone" examination of the certificate program.