How to Apply

The Graduate School at West Texas A&M University

Music Applicants for Master’s degrees must first apply to the Graduate School. The MA and MM degrees are degree programs offered by the West Texas A&M University through a community of scholars comprised of graduate faculty and students known as the graduate school. The following steps outline how to become part of that community.

Admission to the Graduate School

Potential graduate students in music are expected to have attained a bachelor's degree in music or other comparable certification to demonstrate significant knowledge of the subject material in regard to Theory, History, and Performance.

An application and application fee must be filed on-line with the Graduate School.

For more information about auditioning in the School of Music please fill out the Application.

Official transcripts of all previous and current college work may sent to:

Graduate School
WTAMU Box 60215
Canyon, TX 79016

Scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) are not required for music.

The School of Music at West Texas A&M University

The School of music consists of 35 faculty members and over 300 music majors. This music community has performed around the world as ensembles, chamber groups, soloists, composers and has presented in kind with clinics, seminars, articles, books, lectures, and research.

Admission to the School of Music

Applicants for the department are required to submit a letter of intent detailing their degree focus, performance medium, and professional goals and aspirations. A program-specific audition is required for prospective graduate music students. Contact Dr. BJ Brooks, the School of Music Graduate Advisor, for details regarding your audition requirements or for other regarding graduate studies in music at West Texas A&M University.

Performance M.M. at a Glance

M.M. Major in Music Performance - conducting  
M.M. Major in Music Performance - instrumental  
M.M. Major in Music Performance - vocal  
M.M. Major in Music Performance - composition  
All Master of Music degrees include the following requirements:  

M.A. at a glance

Master of Arts (5203) Major in Music - Recital Option - 30 Hours  
Master of Arts (5203) Major in Music - Composition Option - 30 Hours  
Master of Arts (5203) Major in Music - Thesis Option - 30 Hours  
Master of Arts (5203) Major in Music - Non-Thesis Option - 36 Hours  
All Master of Art in Music degrees have the following requirements: