Graduate School Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Below is general information and frequently asked questions about graduate school. More in-depth information is available in the Catalog.

Applicant FAQ

Application and Admission Information

How do I apply?  
Can I apply for an application fee waiver?  
I want to pursue a second bachelor’s degree. Do I apply through the Graduate School?  
I want to take a few courses without pursuing another degree (non-degree seeking)  
Am I a domestic student or an international student?  
What are the deadlines to apply for Graduate School?  
I attended a foreign university. Do you need those transcripts?  
What is a foreign credential evaluation?  
Does it matter where I obtained my bachelor’s degree?  
Where do I send my admission materials?  
What is the mailing address and email for the Graduate School?  
How do I report GRE or GMAT scores?  
When will I know I am admitted?  
How long do I have to respond to my offer of admission?  
I have accepted the offer of admission. What should I do next?  
I have been denied admittance to a graduate program. What are my options?  
I’ve decided to pursue a different graduate program. Do I need to reapply?  
How much transfer coursework is accepted?  

Financial Aid, Tuition, and Benefits Information

How much does Graduate School at West Texas A&M cost?  
I’m a U.S. Military veteran. Do you accept Hazlewood benefits?  
Are there scholarships available for graduate students?  
Do you offer any tuition waivers?  

Current Student FAQ

Degree and Advisor Information

Who is my advisor?  
How do I request an official degree plan (official plan of study)?  
How do I know which classes to take towards my degree requirements?  
How long do I have to complete my degree?  
Do I have GPA and grade requirements?  
I took a semester or two off, do I have to reapply?  
How do I change my graduate major?  

Hours and Course Information

How many hours do I need to take to qualify for financial aid?  
What is the maximum number of hours I can take in a semester?  
How many hours must I take through WTAMU?  

Thesis, Dissertation, Scholarly Delivery, and Comprehensive Exam Information

I’m only enrolled in thesis, dissertation, or scholarly delivery this semester - can my fees be waived?  
Are there any guidelines to prepare for my thesis, dissertation, or scholarly delivery?  
How do I sign up for my comprehensive exam?  

Graduation Information

How do I apply for graduation?