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How Do I Become a Teacher?

West Texas A&M University offers a traditional undergraduate program with teacher certification, a graduate program with teacher certification, or an alternative teacher certification program for those who already have a bachelor's degree. All programs are accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and include course work and training, field-based experiences, certification testing, and supervised teaching experience.


Step 1: Choose the grade level and content area you want to teach.

  • Teaching certification areas are available based upon state standards and the content area and grade levels you wish to teach.

Grade Levels and Content Areas: 

EC - Grade 6
  • Core Subjects with Bilingual Preparation
  • Core Subjects with ESL Preparation
Grades 4-8
  • Core Subjects
  • English Language Arts & Reading
  • English Language Arts & Reading/Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics/Science
  • Science
  • Social Studies
Grades 6-12
  • Agriculture Science & Technology 6-12
  • Business Education 6-12
  • Computer Science 8-12
  • Dance 6-12
  • English Language Arts & Reading 7-12
  • History 7-12
  • Journalism 8-12
  • Life Science 7-12 (Biology major)
  • Mathematics 7-12
  • Physical Science 6-12 (Chemistry major)
  • Science 7-12
  • Social Studies 7-12
  • Speech 7-12
EC - Grade 12
  • Art
  • LOTE-Spanish
  • Music
  • Physical Education (SES major)
  • Special Education 
  • Theatre Arts

Step 2: Select the appropriate teacher preparation program.


Teacher Preparation with a Bachelor's Degree

This traditional undergraduate program is for students seeking a bachelor’s degree along with their teacher certification. Students will take the university core curriculum, plus content hours in their teaching field, as well as professional education course work.


Teacher Preparation with a Master's Degree

The Master of Arts in Teaching is a graduate level program for individuals who have earned a bachelor's degree and wish to enter the teaching profession. 


Post-baccalaureate Teacher Certification

The Panhandle Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE) program is an online, university-based teacher certification program for individuals with a bachelor's degree who want to make a career transition into the teaching profession. The program, which ultimately culminates in Texas educator certification, begins with testing, early field-based experiences, and online graduate course work. An eligible candidate may be employed as a Texas teacher or may complete clinical teaching under the supervision of an experienced teacher.

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