You will be responsible for procuring the three references : two professional/academic and one personal reference.
(Note: those seeking School Counseling Certification must include a reference from an administrative official under whom you have served.)

All referents must use the official reference form. The reference form is available online.


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Terms and Conditions

By applying for admission to the master's program in Counseling I am agreeing to the following terms:

1. I understand that in order to be eligible for admission to the Counseling Program that I must:

a. Be admitted to the graduate school.

b. Procure three letters of reference (i.e., one personal and two professional and/or academic references).

c. Participate in an interview with the counselor-education faculty.

2 . I understand that the counseling faculty will use evidence secured from this application, the references, and other pertinent information in determining admission to the program.

3 . I understand that I may be unconditionally admitted, conditionally admitted, or not admitted  to the Counseling Program.

4. I understand that I must be formally admitted before accumulating more than 6 semester hours in the program.

5. I understand that formal admittance into the program allows me to continue taking classes,  but it does not guarantee that I will receive a degree in counseling. I understand that I may be dismissed from the program at any time if the faculty has significant concerns regarding either my (a) counseling skills, (b) professional responsibilities, (c) competence, (d) personal maturity or (e) integrity.

6. I understand that I must be eligible for practicum (COUN 6399) before I will be admitted to the class. Your coursework and performance in COUN 6375, school and mental health will be considered before granting you access into the practicum course.

7. Incomplete applications will be rejected 30 days after completing the interview process.

8. Appeals Process: For an applicant to be denied admission or dismissed from the program, there must be unanimous agreement among the counseling faculty. If you are denied admission or dismissed (based on our assessment of your classroom behavior, application, interview, grades, or letters of recommendation), you will receive written notice. Upon receiving notice, you may initiate an appeal of our decision.

The appeals process is as follows:

a. Within 30 days of receiving your notice, submit a brief (one to two pages) letter explaining your disagreement with the decision. Possible areas of consideration include the following factors:

i. Strong graduate school performance

ii. Socioeconomic background of the applicant

iii. First generation college student

iv. Multilingual background

v. Overwhelming external responsibilities while an undergraduate student (e.g.employment, familial responsibilities, etc.)

vi. Strong involvement in community activities related to the counseling profession

vii. Demonstrated commitment and fit to the field of counseling

b. Provide this letter to the Associate Dean of College of Education and Social Sciences. The Associate Dean will evaluate the merit of your claim, and, if necessary, involve the Dean of College of Education and Social Sciences.

c. Within ten (10) working days of receiving your written appeal, the Associate Dean will send you written notice of his or her decision. (If the Associate Dean or Dean votes to overturn the decision, you will be admitted back into the program.) If the Dean rejects your petition, you may then appeal to the Dean of the College of Education and Social Sciences, and finally to the Provost (Vice President of Academic Affairs).

9. You agree to hold your referents harmless from all liability for damages (actual, consequential, or otherwise) that may result from furnishing their opinion or beliefs. An applicant will be denied admission if three references have not been received by the close of the month during which the interview takes place.

By continuing, I agree and understand all of the above.

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