Ethics Statement

Guiding Principles

The Journal of Rural Educational Leadership is dedicated to upholding stringent standards in critical scholarly review and professional publication. Manuscripts are released continuously as part of our ongoing publication process. Our rigorous editorial evaluation and meticulous editorial evaluation guarantees that only the highest-caliber scholarly work finds its place in JREL. For additional information, please refer to our peer review policy.

JREL operates under the editorial leadership of one or more independent editors responsible for making publication decisions and ensuring the precision, comprehensiveness, and uniqueness of each published article. We are committed to the ethical and transparent management of the journal, while adhering to well-established editorial principles and practices within the field of educational research.


Authors must affirm that their submitted work does not violate the copyrights of any third party and that it constitutes their own, entirely original creation.

Errors, Omissions, Corrections, and Misconduct

If the editor becomes aware of a substantial error published in JREL or encounters issues such as plagiarism, research fabrication, conflicts of interest, publication duplication, and the like, the editor will conduct a thorough review and work collaboratively with the editorial team to address the matter. In all cases, JREL is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the journal and ensuring the accuracy of the scholarly record.

JREL adheres to and has modeled these statements on the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines for professional publishing standards.