Frequently Asked Questions

How many semester credit hours are required to complete the Ed.D. degree?

  • The doctoral degree requires 60 semester credit hours comprised of:
    • 48 hours of content courses
    • 12 hours of scholarly delivery credit

Is this an online program?

  • All of the coursework is online. The only on-campus component of the program is the annual immersion experience.

Will the program consider previous graduate coursework or work experience for credit toward the degree requirements?

  • A maximum of 12 hours may be considered for transfer or competency credit.

Is a dissertation required?

  • The scholarly delivery requirement replaces the dissertation that is required in other programs.

How do I determine which pathway is appropriate for me?

  • Explore the Ed.D. Pathways page to determine which pathway best suits your professional goals.

What does the program cost?

  • A number of factors influence the cost of attendance from year to year. Visit the Graduate School’s Cost of Attendance page for information and use the university’s cost estimator to calculate a cost of attendance estimate.

Are scholarships available to doctoral candidates?

If I am currently completing my master’s degree, and my anticipated graduation date is after the application deadline, but before the first semester of classes for the cohort with which I am applying, can I apply before my master’s degree has been conferred?

  • Yes, you may apply. However, upon acceptance to the program, proof of a conferred master’s degree will be required before you will be allowed to register for classes to begin your program.

How and when do I apply for the next cohort?

Who can I contact for more information?

  • Contact a program director for additional information.
    • Dr. Eddie Henderson, EC-12 Educational Leadership and EC-12 Leadership in Educational Business and Finance pathways.
    • Dr. Janet Hindman, Leadership in Higher Education and Leadership in Higher Education Business and Finance pathways.