Dr. Ray Barbosa Jr.

Ray Barbosa Jr., Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Education

Office: Old Main 416B
Phone: 806-651-2685

Professional Profile

Dr. Ray Barbosa Jr. serves as the Director, Master of Educational Leadership and Principal Certification (M.Ed.), and Assistant Professor for West Texas A&M University (WTAMU). Previously, Dr. Barbosa served as Head of the Department of Education for WTAMU in his first year 2017.  Before WTAMU, he has served as the Coordinator of Migrant Services of Region 16 Education Service Center in Amarillo, a Loss Control District Manager, in Sales Marketing, a Project Manager, Executive Director for Priests for Life Ministries of New York, as a teacher, a principal, and an assistant principal for high schools and elementary schools in public school districts within the region. Dr. Barbosa holds a Technical Degree in Production Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Business, and both a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. In pursuit of continuing his education, Dr. Barbosa has attended Amarillo College, Frank Phillips College, Texas Women’s University, West Texas A&M University, and Texas Tech University. His experience in education includes teaching high school mathematics, technology applications, coaching basketball, and serving as both principal and assistant principal. Dr. Barbosa is trilingual and speaks English, Spanish, and American Sign Language (ASL). With his extensive management experience combined with his work in the field of education, Dr. Barbosa is passionate about helping people from all countries further their education to become employable and to lead productive lives as contributing citizens.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Barbosa started coaching in 1989 and continued to date of over 30 years in K-12 basketball, football, golf, soccer, and volleyball. He continued teachiing with seminarians EL Civics and discernment of life in 2002. After his start in private K-12 education of four years, Barbosa has invested 13 more years in K-12 public schools from teaching and coaching to federal programs, district testing, district instruction and curriculum, and finally an administrator. Presently, Dr. Barbosa serves students, staff, and teachers at West Texas A&M University as Director Master of Educational Leadership and Principalship certification.

Research and Creative Activity 

Dr. Barbosa’s research interests include ethics, equity & diversity, instructional technology, school culture, rural schools, at-risk schools, migrant students, educational outcomes, school effectiveness, and leadership.