An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach(MVRC) on Reading Comprehension in Elementary School Students

  • Timeline: 2016 - 2018
  • Investigators: Crystal Hughes, Teri Bingham, Adam Weiss, Conn Thomas, Angie Elkins, and Francis Goode
  • Project Site: West Texas A&M University
  • Contact Information: Crystal Hughes,
  • Project Status: This project was concluded and presented to the Center for Learning Disabilities in April 2019.

 Planting the Seeds of College and Career Readiness in Preschool


University-Based Preparation Practices of Preservice Special Education Teachers

Influence of Sustained Scholarship Opportunities on School Culture Acceptance

Evaluating Parent Perspectives of Students with Dyslexia

  • Timeline: 2019 - 2020
  • Investigators: Kenneth Denton, Betty Coneway, Michelle Simmons, Yvette Castillo, Malvika Behl, and Mikyung Shin
  • Project Site: West Texas A&M University
  • Contact Information: Kenneth Denton,
  • Project Status: 
  • IRB was approved, and the second data collection was completed. A total of 664 parents responded; 630 completed surveys. The team is in the process of preparing manuscripts with both qualitative and quantitative data analyses.  

A Mixed Methods Investigation of Cross-Age Reading Tutoring

  • Timeline: 2019 - 2020
  • Investigators: 1Betty Coneway, 2Kathi Haynes, and 1Audrey Meador
  • Project Site: 1West Texas A&M University and 2Amarillo College
  • Contact Information: Betty Coneway,
  • Project Status: 
  • Accepted for publication in Reading Improvement Journal.

Using Virtual Manipulatives to Teach Fractions to Students with Mathematics Difficulties

  • Timeline: 2019 - 2020
  • Investigators: Mikyung Shin, Michelle Simmons, Francis Goode, Audrey Meador, Alexa Deal, and Tammye Jackson
  • Project Site: West Texas A&M University
  • Contact Information: Mikyung Shin,
  • Funding Source: Killgore Faculty Research Grant (West Texas A&M University)
  • Project Status: 
  • An amendment of IRB was requested due to covid-19. This project was presented to the 2020 International Virtual Conference on Learning Disabilities (Council for Learning Disabilities) and the 15th Annual Faculty Research Poster Session and Research Fair (West Texas A&M University).

Special Education Eligibility Identification Rates: A Comparative Analysis of Urban and Rural Communities 

Virtual Learning Assesment