An Examination of Family Cohesion and Self-Esteem as mediator of Bilingualism and Reading Achievement among Second-Generation Immigrant Students

Operation First Five: Potter County Parent Survey

  • Timeline: 2020 - present
  • Investigators: Betty Coneway and Traci Fredman
  • Contact Information: Betty Coneway,
  • Project Status: Collecting data

Evaluating Parent Perspectives of Students with Dyslexia

  • Timeline: 2019 - present
  • Investigators: Kenneth Denton, Betty Coneway, Michelle Simmons, Malvika Behl, and Mikyung Shin
  • Project Site: West Texas A&M University
  • Contact Information: Kenneth Denton,
  • Project Status: 
    • IRB was approved, and the second data collection was completed. A total of 664 parents responded; 630 completed surveys. The team is in the process of preparing manuscripts with both qualitative and quantitative data analyses. 
  • Findings: 

Using Virtual Manipulatives to Teach Fractions to Students with Mathematics Difficulties

Virtual Learning Assessment

Special Education Eligibility Identification Rates: A Comparative Analysis of Urban and Rural Communities 

A Mixed Methods Investigation of Cross-Age Reading Tutoring

Influence of Sustained Scholarship Opportunities on School Culture Acceptance

University-Based Preparation Practices of Preservice Special Education Teachers

 Planting the Seeds of College and Career Readiness in Preschool

An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach(MVRC) on Reading Comprehension in Elementary School Students

  • Timeline: 2016 - 2018
  • Investigators: Crystal Hughes, Teri Bingham, Adam Weiss, Conn Thomas, Angie Elkins, and Francis Goode
  • Project Site: West Texas A&M University
  • Contact Information: Crystal Hughes,
  • Project Status: This project was concluded and presented to the Center for Learning Disabilities in April 2019.