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2022-2023 Community Workshops

Each meeting will have 2 options for viewing:
Participate by Zoom or by post-event recording.

*We will continue to offer ALTA and TEA Continuing Education Credits.

Sept. 12

Parent Perspectives of Dyslexia Intervention and Diagnostic Processes

Oct. 3

How Do I Understand My Child's Evaluation?

Nov. 7

Mock 504/ARD Meeting

Feb. 6

Texas Education Agency Duslexia Handbook 2021 Update

March 6

Understanding Attention Disorder medications for Students with Learning Differences

May 1

Living Successfully with Learning Differences


2022-2023 Academic Language Therapy Association Meetings

Sept. 29

Texas Education Agency Dyslexia Handbook 2021 Update

Nov. 18

Dyslexia Legislative Updates

Feb. 24

ADHD at Home: Strategies to Support Students

April 21

How has WT aligned their coursework to The Science of Teaching Reading?

Richard and Mary West Traylor
Research Grant in Learning Disabilities

The WTAMU Center for Learning Disabilities requests applications from WT undergraduate and graduate students and/or faculty from all disciplines for research grants in learning disabilities.

  • Minimum Request: $250
  • Maximum Request: $5,000

Grant amount determined by the grant committee each year.

Requesting applications from September 6 to October 4.

Applicants will be notified by October 28.

Questions regarding the application process can be sent to the WTAMU CLD Director, Michelle Simmons, at or 806-651-8232.

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For Parents
  • Learn about the learning characteristics of children w/ learning disabilities.
  • Strategies to help children succeed.
For Educators
  • We have resources to help students achieve their maximum potential.
  • Tips and Strategies for the classroom.
Learn strategies for classroom success.

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