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2022-2023 Community Workshops 

Participate by Zoom or by post-event recording (6 pm).

*Live meetings to get ALTA and TEA Continuing Education credits. 


Feb. 6 

Texas Education Agency Dyslexia Handbook 2021 Update

Mar. 6

Understanding Attention Disorder medications for Students with Learning Differences

Apr. 3

Tips to Manage Test Anxiety for Students with Learning Differences

May 1

Living Successfully with Learning Differences 


2022-2023 Academic Language Therapy Association Meetings 

Participate by Zoom only (6:30 pm).


Feb. 23

ADHD at Home: Strategies to Support Students

Apr. 20

How has WT aligned their coursework to The Science of Teaching Reading?



For Parents
  • Learn about the learning characteristics of children w/ learning disabilities.
  • Strategies to help children succeed.
For Educators
  • We have resources to help students achieve their maximum potential.
  • Tips and Strategies for the classroom.
Learn strategies for classroom success.

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