Principal Certification

Major Code: 5475



This 24-semester credit hour program, comprised of six courses and a year-long practicum, is designed for applicants who hold an earned master’s degree and are pursuing mid-management positions in public and private schools that require the Texas principal certificate. These positions may include, but are not limited to campus principals, assistant principals, curriculum directors, athletic directors, special education directors, special programs directors, and human resource managers. Upon completion of the required coursework and practicum, the culminating examination is the principal TExES. Applicants must have an earned master’s degree to be considered for admission to the program and two years of creditable teaching experience to be eligible for the Texas principal certificate.

If you are interested in seeking your Texas Principal Certification, West Texas A&M is here to help you achieve your goals.

     - Dr. Amy Clifton, Program Director


Certificate Only Requirements

  • Master’s degree and valid teaching certificate
  • Two years of creditable teaching experience
  • Completion of requirements for the principal certification program
  • Successful completion of the principal TExES


Required Course Work (24 Credit Hours)

EDLD 6307 - Leading Learning (3)  
Advancing student achievement and teacher effectiveness through the collaborative development and implementation of high-quality instruction, informed by supervisory classroom monitoring and assessment.
EDLD 6309 - Ethics, Equity, and Diversity (3)  
EDLD 6311 - Executive Leadership and Group Dynamics (3)  
EDLD 6313 - Human Capital (3)  
EDLD 6315 - Strategic Operations (3)  
EDLD 6317 - School Culture (3)  
EDLD 6299 - Educational Leadership Practicum (2)  
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