What’s my first step before applying to PACE?

Prior to applying to PACE, determine the subject area and grade level you want to pursue your certification area in.  For admissions, we require an overall GPA of 2.75 and and 12-24 semester credit hours of content coursework on your transcript.  You will need to provide official transcripts from every institution you have attended. 


Do I have to come to WT for in person coursework?

No.  PACE is completely online and can be completed remotely.  Although coursework can be completed online, classroom observation hours must be completed in a Texas classroom.  


Is admissions for PACE continuous enrollment?

Yes.  You can apply and get started at any time. 


What classes will I have to take through PACE?  

We have an option for certification ONLY which consists of online training through a PACE module that is self-paced.  Those who choose to pursue both certification and Master's of Arts in Teaching will take semester credit hour coursework.    


What if I do not have an overall or content area GPA of 2.75?

If your overall GPA does not come out to a 2.75, we can calculate your last 60 hours to see if it comes out to a 2.75.  If it’s still below 2.75, you can then request a GPA waiver appeal after you have passed your TX PACT  If you are denied the GPA waiver, you will be advised to retake coursework and/or build your resume through classroom experience. 


What is the difference between an internship and clinical teaching?

Internship – Actual teaching job where you are hired on a 1 year Texas intern or probationary certificate on a full contracted salary.  Just need to have Module 1 complete, 40 classroom observation hours, & content exam passed.  During that year of your internship, you will have that time to complete PPR exam and Module 2. 

Clinical teaching – Also known as student teaching.  14 weeks of unpaid teaching experience.  Everything must be completed prior to student teaching (courses, content exam, & PPR exam) 


Will substitute teaching or educational aide experience count for classroom observation hours?

Substitute teaching experience cannot be counted for classroom observation hours.  Current educational aide may be substituted for classroom observation hours as long as they meet TEA requirements. Contact the PACE coordinator to verify your aide assignment.


Do I have to do my internship in Canyon/Amarillo area?

No, you can secure a teaching job anywhere in Texas as long as it’s a public school or an accredited private school.  A WT field supervisor will be assigned to your location. 


What if I have a degree outside the U.S.?

For an applicant with degrees from universities outside the US should complete the following below.

Step 1 – Applicant must complete and submit a course-by-course evaluation from a recognized evaluation service.   WT has list of approved foreign credential evaluation services at  The evaluation must verify confirmation of a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher.

Step 2 – Applicants are required to submit a passing TOEFL score report with a minimum of 24 on the speaking portion.  The score report must be current (within the last 2 years).  The website for TEOFL information can be found at

Step 3 – Next, take and pass a pre-admission content exam [PACT] for your target certification.

TX PACT exam [passing score 240 or above]  


Do districts hire PACE candidates?

Yes!  We collaborate with a lot of districts and they are constantly looking to hire our teacher candidates.


What if I have a criminal record?

All applicants with any prior or current criminal charges are encouraged to discuss their specific background with the PACE coordinator before enrolling in the program.  Candidates may also request a preliminary TEA background check for an evaluation of their criminal history prior to starting a program.


How do I secure a Statement of Eligibility [SOE]?

In order to secure an SOE, you must complete the minimum TEA testing and training requirements: Pass the official TEXES content exam(s), complete the online training module, and complete classroom observation hours. 


How long does it take to complete the program?

Completing the minimum training and testing requirements in order to begin your internship while teaching on a Texas intern certificate, can be completed as quickly as 2-3 months.  However, once you begin your internship, you will have to teach for one full calendar year while completing the remaining training and testing requirements to become fully certified at the end of a successful internship. 


How do I secure a job for my teaching internship?

Eligible candidates will apply for teaching jobs the same way as any applicant applying for a job – directly through school district websites, Region Center websites such as Region 16 or Region 17, or through WT’s Educator Expo [job fair]. 

Please note that candidates are responsible for obtaining their own teaching internship. Entering into our program does not guarantee a teaching position in the future.


Is financial aid available for this program?

For the certification ONLY track, there is no financial aid since it's non-degree seeking but the field supervision fee can be deducted monthly from your teaching payroll.  For candidates seeking the Masters of Arts in Teaching, qualified candidates may receive student financial aid. All inquiries regarding financial aid should be directed to the WT’s Office of Financial Aid, (806) 651-2924, Old Main, Room 108. 


What could cause my removal from the program?

Students may be removed for the following reasons:
  • Unprofessionalism
  • Concerns by school personnel
  • Falsification of personal/academic information
  • Felonies/Misdemeanors charges subject to action by the Texas Education Agency
  • Lack of progress