Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial aid is an important step in your educational process.  Our office is here to help you with your financial needs and get you on the fast track to educational success.    

BUFF PROMISE - Guaranteed tuition funding program for Texas residents.  


FORMS (PRINTABLE)            






DEADLINES AND IMPORTANT DATES - Dates by which files should be complete for priority funding
CHECKLISTS - A guide to help you through the financial aid process
FINANCIAL AID ESTIMATOR (New!) - Calculates estimated aid and the costs of attending
NET PRICE CALCULATOR - A tool to help estimate the potential financial aid award for first time undergraduate students
SHORT TERM/ EMERGENCY LOAN INFORMATION (New!) - How to obtain an emergency loan for books and/or tuition
FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS - Government-sponsored low interest loans - IMPORTANT LOAN REQUIREMENTS
FEDERAL WORK STUDY - Jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need
FEDERAL WORK STUDY JOBS - A list of available part-time jobs on campus
RETURN FUNDS- Funds returned if you don't complete the semester
TIPS- Suggestions to help ensure speedy and accurate processing of your forms

With few exceptions, state law gives you the right to request, receive, review and correct information about yourself collected on these forms.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

West Texas A&M University is required by the United States Department of Education to collect information and provide to Congress a report on financial and statistical information on men’s and women’s collegiate sports. The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act is designed to make current and prospective students aware of the school’s commitment to providing equitable athletic opportunities for its men and women students. The Department of Education has provided a web site This site provides data in a convenient searchable form.

Drug Free Schools and Communities Act

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (SDFSCA) requires institutions of higher education to establish programs that prevent violence in and around schools, address unlawful possession, use, or distribution of alcohol and illicit drugs, involve parents and communities, and coordinate with state and federal programs to foster safe and drug-free learning environments to promote student academic achievement.

West Texas A&M University conducts a Biennial Review of our participation in the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

Student Voter Registration Information

Constitution Day

September 17 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (Constitution Day). This day commemorates the September 17, 1787, signing of the United States Constitution. Written in 1787, ratified in 1788, and in operation since 1789, the United States Constitution is the world's longest surviving written charter of government. Its first three words –– "We the People" –– affirm that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens. For over two centuries the Constitution has remained in force because its framers wisely separated and balanced governmental powers to safeguard the interests of majority rule and minority rights, of liberty and equality, and of the federal and state governments. Since 1789, the Constitution has evolved through amendments to meet the changing needs of a nation now profoundly different from the eighteenth-century world in which its creators lived.