Masters (M.Ed.)
Educational Leadership

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The West Texas A&M University Educational Leadership Program prepares confident, skilled, and reflective leaders of education to pursue excellence and make powerful and lasting impacts in their communities. This program's degree and certification options include the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree, Texas principal certification, and Texas superintendent certification.

The Educational Leadership program’s largest enrollment consists of aspiring campus leaders requiring the principal certificate as a necessary credential for the leadership position sought. The program offers two options for candidates to obtain the Texas principal certificate.

If you are interested in seeking a Master of Education (M. Ed.), West Texas A&M is here to help you achieve your goals.

     - Dr. Ray Barbosa, Program Director

Required Course Work (30 Credit Hours)

Graduate Core in Education (6 Credit Hours)

EDPD 6303 - Education Research (3) - Offered any semester  
Comparison of qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Utilize components of literature review, data collection and analysis to conduct a publishable action research manuscript that addresses an educational problem/question. Course may provide an optional faculty-led travel component designed to accomplish learning objectives of the course. Graduate candidates participating in the travel option will be charged an additional course fee not to exceed the actual cost of travel, including but not limited to transportation, lodging and food.
EDRD 6345 - The Science of Teaching Reading (3) Only Offered Spring; OR  
EDPD 6304 Multi-Culture Education (3 Credits) - Offered any semester  
EDLD 6391 - Experiential Leadership *Requires documentation  

Required Educational Leadership Courses (24 Credit Hours)

Field experiences, clinical teaching, practicums, and internships required for Texas certification must be completed in a school accredited by the Texas Education Agency and approved by WTAMU. A non-certification option is available for candidates whose residency is outside the state of Texas.

EDLD 6307 - Leading Learning (3) Fall Only  
Advancing student achievement and teacher effectiveness through the collaborative development and implementation of high-quality instruction, informed by supervisory classroom monitoring and assessment.
EDLD 6309 - Ethics, Equity, and Diversity (3) Spring Only  
EDLD 6311 - Executive Leadership and Group Dynamics (3) Spring Only  
EDLD 6313 - Human Capital (3) Summer I Only  
EDLD 6315 - Strategic Operations (3) Summer II Only  
EDLD 6317 - School Culture (3) Fall Only  
EDLD 6299 - Educational Leadership Practicum (2) *three consecutive  
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