The Williams Children's Literature Collection and Reading Room

Location: Old Main 214
Open Hours: Monday - Thursday from 9:00am - 2:00pm

Details and Information

The Williams Children’s Literature Collection and Reading Room was established in 2011 by Rob and Judy Williams. The Collection and Reading Room, located in Old Main 214, houses a wide variety of contemporary and historical children’s and adolescent literature with an emphasis on national and international award-winning selections. The Reading Room provides an environment designed for individual and group study of children’s literature and research within the discipline. Celebrated children’s literature authors and illustrators will headline the annual Lecture Series in Literacy allowing area educators, librarians, and interested parents to experience the Williams Children’s Literature Collection and Reading Room.

To reserve the reading room for meetings or events please contact:

Dr. Judy Williams, Associate Professor of Education
Director of Reading Room
Phone: 806-651-2674

Shelly Johnson, Executive Administrative Associate TRCOESS
Phone: 806-651-2619

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