Degree Breakdown

WTAMU’s MPA program is designed to offer flexibility to students regarding their path to obtaining a graduate degree. As a regional, rural serving institution, our faculty and institutional goals are to offer a curriculum that enhances area governance and service by providing a high-level education to those engaging in public service values.

Furthermore, the MPA program is dedicated to addressing issues within rural and local governance and criminal justice with a curriculum that addresses the needs of the student body from the Texas Panhandle and beyond. Our goal is to promote a diverse student population that services students from rural areas, low-income backgrounds, minority groups; students with accessibility needs, and those who are first-generation graduate students to experience a quality and inclusive curriculum and program experience. Faculty and staff are dedicated to assessing approaches for course and program inclusivity and accessibility tools that address the needs for all students to integrate into graduate study and achieve an equitable academic experience. Traditionally, MPA programs are designed to prepare students to take leadership roles in public and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to establish a culture of learning that allows student practitioners a quality education through collaborative research and inquiry, faculty engagement, and a curriculum that represents the needs and challenges of the public sector.

The program will emphasize five core competencies: ethics, policy, finance, administration, and research methods. Student concentrations can be obtained in local/rural government, criminal justice, and public administration.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will examine the core theories of public administration related to management and public governance.
  • Students will identify and analyze the parts of the public policy process.
  • Students will examine the factors and issues facing emergency management at the rural, urban, and state levels.
  • Students will be able to conduct financial analyses consistent with the standards of political economy and administration.
  • Students will be able to engage and articulate material from a public service perspective.

Accreditation and National Objectives

  • Program faculty will be actively engaged in academic research as indicated by publications and working papers, and they will represent a diverse population.
  • Students will be recruited from diverse backgrounds to represent the state population.
  • Students will have access to online academic success resources provided by WTAMU, including writing, study, research, and library services.
  • The program will focus on public governance, service, and management through its core curriculum and research.
  • The program will have faculty and a core curriculum that focuses on the advancement of understanding and analyzing public policy.