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As the floodwaters rise, the hurricane approaches, the wildfire rages, or the tornado bears down on your community, are you the person that wants to help the survivors and then work to assure that when this happens again your community will have programs in place to reduce the damage and harm in the future?

The mission of the Emergency Management Administration (EMA) program is to prepare firefighters, police officers, emergency responders, military personnel, private-sector, and other emergency-services professionals for advanced levels of administration and management within the emergency services professions.

A bachelor’s degree will open up a world of new opportunities to advance your career. The Emergency Management Administration program at WT is one of the best programs in Texas. We offer a 100% online Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree. Our program provides students with foundational and advanced knowledge and a broad range of administrative skills in preventing, planning, and preparing for, responding to, and recovering from unpredictable, dangerous, and sometimes catastrophic situations that require inter-agency and/or inter-jurisdictional involvement.

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100% Online
The WT EMA Program has been 100% online since 2002. While most students reside in Texas, we have current students from as far away as California, Georgia, Illinois, and New York. Since 2013, students from 28 states have enrolled in the program.
A Brick & Mortar University
The WT EMA Program is an online program housed in a traditional university. WT EMA faculty have over 60 years of teaching experience and all faculty teaching in the EMA program are full-time faculty members that are either tenured, tenure track, or full-time instructors. 
First Responder and Veteran Friendly

The WT EMA Program accepts Texas firefighter tuition waivers and GI Bill®/Hazelwood benefits.

WT is consistently recognized by U.S. News for excellence in veterans education. 

Modern Curriculum
The WT EMA program provides students the opportunity to explore their own interests within the field of Emergency Management. While the major consists of several core courses, students have the opportunity to take coursework and engage in research that reflects their interests or career aspirations.
Credit for Prior Learning
We offer a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) in order to provide students with vocational, technical, and military training or coursework the opportunity to apply those credits towards their EMA degree. All EMA applicants must have at least 3 BAAS credits and admitted students may receive up to 39 hours of BAAS credits for prior coursework and training. BAAS credits allow our students to complete the degree program in a shorter period of time.


Dr. Ming Xie
EMA Program Director
(806) 651-2564