Dr. Kaleb Demerew

Kal Demerew, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Office: Old Main 425
Phone: 806-651-2518

Professional Profile

Dr. Demerew is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at West Texas A&M University. He received his Doctorate in Politics and International Affairs from the University of South Florida and his bachelor’s from Washington University in St. Louis. He has received several academic honors, including the Adam Smith Fellowship at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center.

Teaching and Related Service

Dr. Demerew’s focus is on development and conflict issues in the international system. He teaches introductory and advanced courses in both Comparative Politics and International Relations, including Politics of Developing Countries, International Conflict, Middle Eastern Politics, African Politics, and International Political Economy.

Research and Creative Activity

Dr. Demerew’s research focuses on institutions and the political economy of development, including the challenges of violence, state-building, and governance, particularly in Northeast Africa. More specifically, he examines the effects of elite contentions on state-building and political development, as well as the intersections between state-building, regional competition, and economic globalization. He also examines external constraints on individual and institutional decision-making in local and international contexts. Dr. Demerew has published his work in highly regarded academic journals, including Third World Quarterly, Africa Today, and African Security. He is currently co-editing a volume on Nile Basin Politics (Edward Elgar Publishing) and developing a book manuscript on Violence, Institutions, and Development. He has served as a featured speaker at several events, including a 2022 Abu Dhabi symposium on Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa.