Department of Psychology Sociology and Social Work

Faculty Contact Information

Name Title  Office Phone E-mail 
Dr. Reed Welch Department Head 414B OM 806-651-2433
Dr. Sara Alamandri Assistant Professor Social Work 380C AC 806-651-8255
Ruth De Anda Instructor Social Work  424D OM 806-651-2611
Kristy Bartlett Instructor Social Work 425 OM 806-651-2657
Dr. Gary Byrd Professor Psychology 423B OM 806-651-2589
Dr. Maxine De Butte Professor Psychology 431 OM 806-651-2596
Dr. Kenneth Denton Associate Professor Psychology 410 OM 806-651-2608
Dr. Kassi Gregory Assistant Professor Psychology 432D OM 806-651-2651
Dr. Steven Hubbard Instructor of Psychology 422 OM 806-651-2622
Dr. Nicole Kraus Assistant Professor Sociology 427 OM 806-651-3623
Dr. Jenifer Kunz Professor Sociology  429 OM 806-651-2597
Dr. Alicia Macchione Assistant Professor Psychology 433 OM 806-651-2684
Dr. Ashley Pinkham Assistant Professor Psychology 432A OM 806-651-2592
Dr. Meg Dejong-Shier Assistant Professor Social Work 426A OM 806-651-2624
Nydia Sotelo Instructor Social Work 424D OM 806-651-2901

Administrative Support Contact Information

Name Title  Office  Office Phone E-mail 
Landon Proffitt Administrative Associate 416 806-651-2909

Old Main Room 414 | 806-651-2909