WTAMU has a diverse student population and diverse opportunities. Psychology students often participate in study abroad programs, research projects, and community service. Additionally, psychology students have received numerous scholarships awards. The faculty have a wide-range of expertise and research interests which ensures students have access to a vast assortment of research opportunities. 


The psychology faculty are regularly engaged in research. To get involved, determine which professor you would like to work with and send them an email requesting a meeting and additional information about their current research.

Students have access to grant funding through the Killgore Research Center. See Resources links below and under Student Life for more information.

Psychology Scholarships

Please contact the scholarship office or to inquire about the eligibility requirements for each scholarship.

Not all scholarships are available each year. Some of these scholarships are grade-based while others are awarded by a committee after selecting students who are the best fit and most deserving. 

Psychology Awards & Scholarship Recipients

Every year, one student is chosen from each degree plan (1 undergraduate, 1 MA,  and 1 SSP student) and are awarded the Outstanding Psychology Student award. These students have excelled in research, academics, and professional accomplishments.