Certificate in Integrated Humanities

Embark on a transformative journey with the Certificate in Integrated Humanities (cHUMA) at West Texas A&M University. As a TAMU System-wide initiative, this certificate seamlessly integrates humanities courses into our Core curriculum to nurture critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and ethical reasoning skills essential for today's job market. Our program fosters deep engagement with varied media channels and real-world issues through Transformative Texts and Projects, empowering students to excel academically and professionally while advocating for the enduring value of humanities education.
How to Enroll

Choose the Intergrated Humanities Path through the core: 

  • Join a cHUMA cohort by enrolling in ENGL 1311: Writing About Ideas"

Program Description

The Certificate in Integrated Humanities is a cross-disciplinary humanities experience that offers an intentional through-line among humanities-based courses in the core curriculum where students can connect the skills used for humanities-based inquiry to their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Total Credit Hours:

  • 12 Credit hours (9 from the University Core Curriculum)

Course Duration:

  Most students who take cHUMA courses will earn this certificate in their first two years at WTAMU.

  • Fall 2024: Join a cHUMA cohort by enrolling in ENGL 1311 
  • Spring 2025: Take two additional core courses with the cHUMA designation
  • Anytime before graduation: take one additional 3000 or 4000-level humanities course.


The Certificate in Humanities consists of 12 SCH as follows:

  • Gateway course: ENGL 1311 Writing About Ideas (Core 90) ​
  • Choose two additional cHUMA Core courses:

CORE 40  
• PHIL 1301: Intro to Philosophy 
• SPAN 2311: Intermediate Spanish I 
• SPAN 2312: Intermediate Spanish II 
• SPAN 2313: Spanish for Heritage Speakers I 
• SPAN 2315: Spanish for Heritage Speakers II 
• SPAN 2371: Spanish for the Professions 
• ENGL 2341: Introduction to Literature 
• ENGL 2343: Literature and Ideas 


CORE 50  
CORE 90  
Choose any 3000 or 4000-level humanities course from  

How do I choose the cHUMA pathway? 

  • Enroll in the gateway course ENGL 1311
  • Talk to your advisor today about how cHUMA fits into your degree plan or contact Dr. Rebecca Weir at for more information.

Why choose the cHUMA pathway through the Core at WTAMU?

  • Choose the cHUMA pathway through the Core at WT for transformative learning. Seamlessly integrating humanities courses, we nurture vital skills for the job market while fostering deep engagement with different media and real-world issues.
Unlock Your Potential with cHUMA
Explore the Power of Integrated Humanities at WT! Dive into a dynamic blend of critical thinking, creative expression, and real-world relevance, enriching your academic journey and shaping your future success. Enroll today and embrace the transformative power of the integrated humanities experience!


Dr. Rebecca
Assistant Professor of English

Department of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages
Classroom Center 319C, WT Campus
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