Theatre Facilities

Branding Iron TheatreBIT House

304 seat proscenium theatre, stadium style upper house seating

76' wide by 38' deep
42' x 22' proscenium arch
14' deep apron
33 scenic line sets, single purchase
2 locking rails
56' high grid
orchestra pit
5 stage traps

500 ETC 2.4K Sensor dimmers
ETC ION SE console
5 motorized onstage electricsBIT Back
2 motorized side electrics
2 Vari-lite VL1100
2 Vari-lite VL2500
2 High End SolaFrame Theatre
500 plus conventional and LED lighting fixtures

Soundcraft Performa console
24 wireless mics
40 assorted wired mics
iMac digital sound computer with Qlab Pro
Motu Ultralite digital Interface
Clear-Com intercom system


Happy State Bank Studio Theatre

Happy State Bank Studio Theatre

flexible seating for up to 120

53' x 53' black box theatre
22' to the bottom of the catwalk

129 ETC 2.4K Sensor dimmers
­ETC ION console

Soundcraft Performa console
iMac with Qlab
1 BagEnd D10E-1 Subwoofer
5 Tannoy V8 White speakers

Scene Shop

Scene Shop

52'­ x 78' room
28' x 48' paint floor
24' x 48' motorized paint frame

wood shop equipment, metal and welding equipment
large vent hood




Costume Shop

7 sergers
13 sewing machines
1 blind hemmer
2 washers
2 dryers
1 80 gal. dye vat
11 dress forms
2 large cutting tables
6 portable cutting

over 4,750 garments
300 boots
1,200 shoes
800 hats

James D. Kemmerling Design ClassroomJames D. Kemmerling Design Classroom

16 drafting tables
16 iMac with VectorWorks, Adobe Creative Suite 6
24" wide HP printer/plotter
18 ETC Sensor Dimmers
ETC Element console
3 large windows that can be blacked out
paint sink
vent hood

Jerry Williams Acting StudioActing Studio

48' x 33' room with hardwood floor
25' x 8' wall of mirrors
33 ETC 2.4K Sensor Dimmers
ETC Element console






Grand Lobby

Hazel Kelly Wilson Grand Lobby

Lobby access to Branding iron Theatre, Happy State Bank Studio Theatre, FAC Recital Hall.­ Theatre Box Office.