Auditions / Interviews

An audition is required for students interested in pursuing any of the following degree programs:

B.A. Theatre - EC-12 Certification
B.A. Theatre - Performance Emphasis
B.F.A. Musical Theatre
B.F.A. Theatre - Acting Concentration

An interview and portfolio/resume review is required for students interested in pursuing any of the following degree programs:

B.A. Theatre - Design & Technology Emphasis
B.F.A. Theatre - Design & Technology Concentration

This process allows the faculty to assess a student's current skill level, as well as give scholarship consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: For students interested in pursuing any B.F.A. degree program listed above, you must also APPLY HERE to be considered.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on-campus auditions for the Spring 2021 semester or 2021-2022 are currently suspended. Students may contact the Director of Theatre, Royal Brantley ( to arrange a video submission, or you may submit through our web audition platform, Acceptd. See information below.

Please prepare the following for your on-campus audition or interview:

Musical Theatre: 32 bars of a ballad from a musical, 32 bars of an up-tempo from a musical with movement, and a 60 second monoogue for your choice.

Acting, Theatre Performance and Theatre Education: a 60 second dramatic monologue and a 60 second comedic monologue. Please avoid old age characters and characters with heavy vocal accents.

Theatre Design and Technology: any documentation per the student’s interest and experience. Examples include resume, design portfolio, sketchbook, and/or stage management call scripts.


WTAMU Theatre will participate in several off-campus (virtual) auditions and interviews for the 2021-2022 academic year. Students who are called back through TETA Auditions, Texas Thespians Auditions, Greater San Antonio Auditions, or the North Texas Drama Auditions, and are interested in being considered for a spot in Spring 2021 or the 2021-2022 academic year, should notify the Director of Theatre, Royal Brantley ( Those interested in one of our BFA degree programs must APPLY HERE to finalize acceptance and secure a spot.


For those students unable to attend on or off-campus auditions, WTAMU Theatre uses the national audition platform Acceptd. Please submit an application through Acceptd (link below), prepare the previously listed audition selections for your area of interest, and record and upload your materials. WTAMU Theatre will respond to your Acceptd audition within three weeks and make arrangements for admission and/or a second audition. 

Start an Application via Acceptd