Graduate Faculty
At WT, you'll have many opportunities to work one-on-one with your professors and community leaders. Our faculty build strong working relationships with all of our students, providing support and resources to enable student success. By acting as mentors and including students as research partners, the communication faculty actively investigates current communication trends and stays up-to-date on course knowledge. All faculty members encourage graduate students to participate in a wide range of activities from research conferences to storytelling festivals.



Li Chen 


Director of Graduate Studies

Dr. Li Chen
Phone: 806-651-2416 

Research areas include: Health communication, disaster communication, and intercultural communication. 

"The most fascinating parts of Communication are often not communicable - let me help you identify them."


Dr. Kelsey Abele
Phone: 806-651-2415

Research areas include: Rhetoric, nostalgia, memory, film, popular culture, critical/cultural studies.

"Grad school is a place to think not just through something, but to question why something exists the way it is. Why does it work that way? And more importantly, should it?" 


Dr. Carolyn Baum
Phone: 806-651-3251 

Research areas include: Media literacy, pedagogy/andragogy, communication in the classroom, and first-generation student success and preparation. 


Dr. Kristina Drumheller
Phone: 806-651-2816

Research areas include: Organizational crisis communication, media effects, and leadership. 

"Collaborating with students and colleagues is one of the best parts of my job! Where else can you sit around and share a passion for ideas with students of all ages as part of your job?" 


Dr. Noah Franken
Phone: 806-651-2795

Research areas include: Interpersonal communication, identity, and popular culture topics, such as golf and popular music. 

"Graduate school gives you the opportunity to cultivate and test your ideas. Work hard to discover them, be earnest when you defend them, and never be afraid to change them."


Dr. Nancy Garcia
Phone: 806-651-2414

Research areas include: Intercultural communication, media and journalism pedagogy, first-generation and Hispanic/Latino/a/x student success and motivation, mentoring, and university teaching experiences. 

"With education you not only develop skills, you also develop confidence."


Dr. Min Wha Han
Phone: 806-651-2775

Research areas include: Rhetoric and public culture, contemporary rhetorical theories and critical rhetorical criticism, qualitative research methods, postcolonial and diaspora studies. 

Dr. Emily S. Kinsky 

Dr. Emily Kinsky
Phone: 806-651-2412

Research areas include: Public relations practice and pedagogy, media portrayals, such as content analysis of media, and effective visual communication practice and pedagogy. 

"Whether it be for project ideas or for the right career path, I enjoy helping students brainstorm. I care about all my students - I want you to do well and will do whatever I can to help you."

Enyonam Osei-Hwere

Dr. Enyonam Osei-Hwere
Phone: 806-651-2411

Research areas include: International communication, media globalization, entertainment education, women and children's media issues, world broadcasting systems as well as communication development and social change. 

"I love introducing students to new ideas and perspectives. I approach each class as an adventure in learning."


Dr. George Pacheco, Jr. 
Phone: 806-651-4022

Research areas include: First-generation college students, communication pedagogy, identity, and stereotypes, and using humor as a rhetorical strategy. 

"Teachers are agents of change in that they seek to help students shed old ideas and ways of thinking by presenting new ideas and new ways of thinking." 

Dr. Ting-Hao Tsou

Dr. Ting-Hao Tsou 
Phone: 806-651-2808

Research areas include: The studying and teaching of cutting-edge technology, especially augmented and virtual reality (A/VR), in influencing how people process and respond to theoretically derived advertising and health messages.