What is Strategic Communication?

Strategic Communication is identifying effective communication processes for building relationships with internal and external stakeholders while effectively managing resources.

WTAMU’s program combines courses from communication studies and media communication to provide students with a broad range of skills for a variety of potential career paths. Additionally, the program is completely online so you can complete coursework at times that are convenient for your schedule.

This degree is perfect for:

  • Returning students who need the flexibility of an online degree
  • Students who are interested in both Communication Studies and Media Communication
  • Students seeking an affordable path to degree completion
The online courses in communication studies and media communication are designed to help students meet learning objectives with the same rigor of face-to-face courses. Most courses expect regular contact points, often three times a week in discussion boards, with some having minimal virtual chat requirements. All courses will have projects that simulate job experiences through service learning, organizational practice, theory and research.
Learning Outcomes
Learning outcomes for the degree in communication include a mastery of the following:

Leadership Skills  
Effective Media & Presentations  
Management Strategies  
Skilled Writing  
Intercultural Competence  
Strategic Decision Making  
Ethical Responsibilities  
Civic Engagement  
Careers in Strategic Communication

There are varied career paths for students of strategic communication. The goal is to prepare students to work their way toward a leadership or director position; however, everyone’s path might be a little different. The following are some of the common career areas in the field of strategic communication:

  • Social Media Management
  • Risk & Crisis Communication
  • Corporate Communications
  • Promotion & External Communication
  • Integrated Marketing Communication

Gain transferable "super skills" for jobs of the future*:

  • Personal branding - market yourself and your accomplishments as well as manage your professional reputation
  • Digital fluency - identify innovative uses for technology to maximize organizational performance
  • Networking - build relationships to develop a network in a variety of industries to connect key resources
  • Manage complexity - build flexibility and adaptability to better manage a fast-paced and ever-changing environment
  • Resilience - turn obstacles and barriers into opportunities and possibilities

(*adapted from Vozza, S. (2018, June 20). These are the 5 "super skills" you need for jobs of the future. Fast Company [online]. Retrieved from:

Degree Plans

You can choose one of three degree plans based on adviser recommendations: Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communication Studies - Strategic Communication or select the Strategic Communication concentration with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS).

Bachelor of Science Degree Plan

Bachelor of Arts Degree Plan

For those seeking to complete the BA Language requirement online, students have the option of taking a CLEP exam to earn language course credit or will be referred to online language programs from other approved universities.

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree Plan

All degree paths and concentrations in strategic communication require 43 hours in Communication Studies and Media Communication with recommended elective hours in Marketing, Management, Communication Studies, and Media Communication.

Required Online Courses
COMM 1318 Interpersonal Communication MCOM 1307 Introduction to Media Communication
COMM 2377 Intercultural Communication MCOM 2327 Advertising Principles
COMM 2376 COMM Theory or MCOM 2376 Media Theory MCOM 3305 New Media
COMM 3331 Organizational Communication MCOM 3314 Public Relations and Advertising Research
COMM 3341 Persuasion MCOM 3350 Public Relations and Publicity
COMM 3332 Strategic Comm or 3333 Crisis Comm MCOM 4302 Media Law & Ethics
COMM 3360 Health Comm or 4360 Comm/Global Culture MCOM 4398 or COMM 4398 Internship

Recommended Advanced Electives Include:

MKT 3340 Principles of Marketing
MGT 3330 Principles of Management
COMM 3094 or MCOM 3094 Individual Problems
MCOM 3379 Media Management
MCOM 4309 International Journalism
MCOM 4390 Senior Project
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