The Top Ten Reasons to attend WTAMU:

10. All neighboring states are eligible to receive Texas in-state tuition.

9. WT offers competitive scholarship funding and graduate assistantships.

8. Receive a first-class education for less than nearby university alternatives.

7. As a WT student, you're able to tailor your degree plan to fit your individual career path.

6. No matter your field, communication can help you rise to the top.

5. Here at WT, there are many opportunities to work with outstanding faculty and community members.

4. We have a wide variety of organizations to belong to that will help gain real life experience in your area of interest.

3. By earning your Master of Arts degree in Communication at WT, your career goals will shape your degree by providing course flexibility and typically taking no more than two years to complete.

2. Your courses can make a big difference in your career path providing students with a broad range of skills in such areas as:

  • leadership
  • advanced media theory
  • training and development
  • crisis and communication
  • advanced storytelling
  • public relations

1. You will find the BUFF in you with your thesis or applied project, both of which will help build a strong research and theoretical foundation while developing applicable skills within areas of study, such as: corporate communication, mass communication, cultural studies, rhetoric, public relations, and performance.

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