Master of Arts in Communication
Program Overview
The Master of Arts in Communication program focuses on the knowledge, skill sets, and experiences that communication and media professionals need. Students will delve into various aspects of communication and media studies, including rhetorical studies, interpersonal, intercultural, and strategic communication. The program prepares students for further scholarly inquiries and diverse career paths in communication fields. 
What are the career opportunities for M.A. in Communication Graduates?
  • Strategic communicationi specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Public relations strategist
  • Chief Communication Officer
  • Communication instructor
  • Communication researcher
What skill sets, knowledge, and abilities do students acquire from the M.A. in Communication Program?
  • Analytical writing
  • Rhetorical analysis
  • Leadership
  • Cultural competence 
  • Theoretical understanding 
  • Research methods (e.g., survey, interview, focus group, ethnography, content analysis, textual analysis, experimental design, mixed methods) 
  • Strategic communication 
M.A. Communication (36 hours) Degree Requirements

Communication Courses (12 hours)  
Thesis or Non-Thesis Options (12 hours)  
Electives (12 hours)  
Optional Minors  
M.A. in Communication Admission Requirements

Program Eligibility  
Application Checklist  
Curriculum Flexibility

Our curriculum is flexible and offered to students in three ways: 

  • On-campus
  • Hybrid (on and off campus)
  • Online 
Scholarships & Program Cost
There are numerous scholarships and financial aid programs available to graduate students.
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