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Dr. Tim Bowman and Storm Trooper

Dr. Tim Bowman

Bruce Brasington

Dr. Bruce Brasington

Dr. Brasington received his PhD from UCLA and has been a member of the department since 1990. He is a medieval historian who specializes in legal history. He offers seminars in pre-modern European history.





Dr. E Clark                                              
Dr. Elizabeth Clark   

 Dr. Elizabeth Morrow Clark is a Russian and East European historian, specializing in twentieth century diplomatic and cultural history. She is a four-time Fulbright Fellow. She brings her extensive international experience to WT giving seminars on Poland, hosting guest artists from Siberia, and leading study abroad trips to Auschwitz, Gdansk, Warsaw and Berlin. Dr. Clark's graduate students have written theses on such diverse subjects as the Armenian genocide, Irish independence, and art crimes in World War Two. Recently, one of her students received a travel grant to research Nazi resistance movements in Luxembourg. 


Dr. Paul Clark

Dr. Brian Ingrassia route 66

Dr. Brian Ingrassia

Brian Ingrassia specializes in Gilded Age and Progressive Era U.S., as well as sport and cultural history. He comes to WTAMU after several years of teaching at public universities in Tennessee and Georgia. His forthcoming publications include a book chapter on early-1900's West Coast rugby reform and a paperback edition of his first book, The Rise of Gridiron University: Higher Education's Uneasy Alliance with Big-Time Football (University Press of Kansas). Ingrassia's current research focuses on auto racing, urban planning, and the good roads movement in the Progressive Era. He is very much looking forward to teaching and mentoring graduate students at WT. 


Dr. Marty Kuhlman



Dr. Pearson at Stonehenge







Dr. Byron Pearson


Dr. Matt Reardon

Dr. Jean Stuntz

Dr. Jean Stuntz  


I see the Masters program as an apprenticeship, so I teach my students how to be real historians. This includes having them present at conferences and get published as much as possible. I give practical advice on how to succeed as a historian in today's competitive climate. I mentor my students and former students as much as they allow. And my classes are fun!

Dr. Vizzini

Dr. Bryan Vizzini


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