Courtney Crowley

Courtney Crowley, M.A.


Office: Old Main, Room 405A
Phone: 806-651-2439

Professional Profile

Ms. Crowley is a proud WTAMU alumna, having earned both her B.A. and M.A. degrees from the university.

Teaching and Related Service

Absolutely fascinated by 20th century history, Ms. Crowley loves teaching about it from both an American and global perspective.

Research and Creative Activity

Areas of especial interest include Jewish history, Israel and the modern Middle East, the Cold War, the United Nations, and all things pop culture.

Personal Sketch

When not teaching, Ms. Crowley can usually be found at a bookstore spending way too much money. A sports enthusiast (football and tennis) and classic film junkie, she nonetheless loves to be outside as often as possible. It should probably be noted that she does suffer from a severe coffee addiction.